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RPI Construction Equipment specializes in selling, servicing, and renting piling driving equipment, drilling rigs, clamshell buckets, crane rock grapples and solar pile installation equipment. We stock a rental fleet of CZM drilling rigs and piling rigs, HMC Movax side grip vibratory hammers, HMC STR20 solar pile driving rigs, and Anvil Attachments grabs. We employ a highly talented group of road service technicians capable of efficiently and effectively solving any problems that may occur with your equipment.

Efficient Equipment Solutions for Your Project

Pile Driving, Drilling, & Dredging Equipment for Rental or Sale

When taking on a project that requires reliable and efficient pile driving equipment, drilling rigs, or clamshell buckets and rock grapples, it’s essential to have a trustworthy company that can:

  • Help determine the right gear needed for the specific project at hand.
  • Provide quality and dependable equipment that gets the job done right and on schedule.
  • Offer timely repair services should a piece of equipment require servicing.
  • Always deliver exceptional and knowledgeable customer service.

In the foundation industry, we know how crucial it is to have cost-effective, yet powerful, equipment you can count on to save on costs, time, and resources for your project.

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RPI's Expert Services & Solutions

Just as with any other heavy machine used in the construction and foundation industries, it is possible for your drilling rigs, pile driving gear, or dredging equipment to experience the typical wear and tear after a while – leading to the need for service and repair.

This is why, at RPI Equipment, we go above and beyond for our customers to give them a peace of mind that we are here to service their drilling rigs, pile driving equipment, and/or clamshell buckets and crane rock grapples.

Whether you are looking to rent foundation equipment, buy drilling machinery, or have a piece of equipment inspected and repaired, RPI is here for you when you need us.

Rentals & Sales

Explore our unique rental fleet of foundation equipment. Our experienced sales staff is ready to help you complete your job.

Service & Repair

Our dedicated and fully-trained technicians can get to your site quickly to diagnose and repair a problem or perform preventative maintenance.

Project Consultation

Considering bidding on a project? Trust our experts to recommend, quote, and provide the necessary equipment for your specific job.


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Check out the CZM EK125HH Pile Driving Rig in Action

One of RPI’s CZM EK125HH drives piles into clay type soil with the existence of groundwater and allowed to settle over a three-month period. The test piles were side load tested for wind shear, following the required specifications in the state code for sound walls. The test piles passed the test and this method of concrete sound wall pile installation was approved.

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