What is a Piling Rig?

One of RPI Construction Equipment’s piling rigs, the CZM EK 125HH placed on the beach for an upcoming pile driving project.

In many areas, such as New Jersey, soil varies greatly, with some areas having bedrock within a few feet of the surfaces and other areas having shifting soil. This creates an issue for commercial contractors who need to build strong foundations for certain structures.

Using piles that reach bedrock or acceptable soil helps solve this issue by transferring the weight of the structure to a predetermined depth.

To understand how these piles are installed, we need to answer the question: What is a piling driving rig?

A piling driving rig is an efficient piece of construction equipment that comes specifically equipped with a hydraulic hammer. Since the system is designed for the extreme rebound of the multi-ton drop weight, pile driving rigs can be used in locations where the area requires significant impact force.

While the controls are like those of an excavator that come with joystick controls, the use of a large counterweight (heavier than the hammer weight) enables a piling rig the ability to install multiple pilings in a 360-degree arc around the machine at a high inclination (just under 20 degrees from vertical for some piling rigs).

This type of equipment can also be used with augers to pre-drill any holes needed for the piles.

When considering equipment and machinery for your project, you will want to focus on several key statistics, such as:

  • The amount of striking force required – typically based on a geotechnical engineer’s assessment of the ground density
  • The depth of the pilings

Three CZM rigs for rent or for sale and ready for contractors and construction workers to use efficiently on their next project that requires this type of equipment.

Basics of Piling

As noted previously, a pile is a long piece of material – often steel – contractors use to create strong foundations.

There are several types of piles, including:

  • H-Piles – These are used for extremely heavy structures and are shaped the way they are for maximum weight distribution.
  • Pipe Piles – Pipe piles look exactly as they sound and can either be capped or uncapped and then filled with concrete.
  • Sheet Piles – Sheet piles are long, narrow pieces that interlock to create walls as support for excavation.
  • Timber Piles – Wood piles are long and usually round for use in marine job sites, such as docks.
  • Concrete Piles – Concrete piles can be round or square and are used to support offshore structures or to create sound barriers.

With each of these types of pile, there are key benefits in utilizing a piling rig, such as minimal disruption and the efficient removal of soil compared to other foundation equipment.

Choosing the right type of piling rig depends on the type of soil, depth needed, and strength required to drive the pile into the ground.

Piling driving rig equipment for rent from RPI is onsite at a new project ready to be put to use.

Alternatives – Excavator and Crane Attachments

There are several manufacturers that offer crane or excavator-mounted drivers that may make sense for some jobs.

For example, these can be hydraulic vibratory hammers, which leverage the existing hydraulic systems, diesel pile drivers, or air pile drivers.

However, there are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Mobilizing a crane solely for the purpose of pile driving is expensive and time-consuming.
  • With an excavator attachment, the pile driving equipment is limited due to the underlying capacity of the excavator because excavators are not self-contained systems.

Find Options When You Need a Piling Rig

Whether you are working on a one-off project or are looking to invest in a solution to expand your business’ pile driving capabilities, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on having over 50 years of experience serving construction contractors all over the United States and even internationally to complete successful projects in cost-effective and efficient ways.

An image of one of RPI Construction Equipment’s reliable and cost-effective piling rig at a piling job site, the CZM EK125HH.

The good news is that RPI Construction Equipment is here for you and happy to help in any way we can.

Call us at 856-456-0081 or fill out our contact form, so we can help you determine what options make the most sense for your project’s requirements.

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