CZM LR160 Long Reach Drill Rig Advantages in Power Line Drilling

CZM LR160 Long Reach Drill Rig

Drilling projects for transmission & power lines require equipment that is tailored to the specific scope and demands of these vast projects, such as the CZM LR160 Long Reach Drill Rig. With capabilities of drilling holes up to 11 feet in diameter, the CZM LR160 is the largest of the CZM line and provides enough power to drill through tough soil conditions, including rock and hard soil. Because transmission and power line projects are completed across vast areas, they require equipment that can handle a wide variety of soil conditions.

The boom of long reach drill rigs is aligned with an interlocking kelly bar system with round friction bars available for less dense soil conditions and high production. The LR160 is equipped with powerful technology and a broad base for increased stability in any conditions. Renting a CZM LR160 offers a cost-effective solution for owners and operators who want to avoid the costs associated with fleet management, preventative maintenance, and repairs.

Drilling rigs endure considerable strain throughout the course of a transmission & power line drilling project, and the LR160 can handle even the most demanding conditions.

CZM LR160 Under Power Lines

Unique Demands of Transmission & Power Line Drilling

Because of the sheer scope of power line and transmission installation, identifying the proper equipment from day one will save valuable time and money. The CZM LR160 long reach drill rig can be transported on a single truck which further reduces transportation time and variable costs like fuel.

Additionally, this rig can operate in site conditions that are unfavorable, including steep slopes and holes that are difficult to reach. They are also designed to operate on projects that have low clearances without sacrificing torque strength or drilling capabilities. This allows operators to drill under live wires at depths up to 53 feet. The cab also features climate control to facilitate operation in even the most harsh weather conditions.

The 12′ 2″ reach from the end of the tracks allows for an incredible range of flexibility in varying conditions. Proudly made in the USA and built to last, this is one of the most popular drilling rigs for rent.

Long Reach Drill Rig

Single Phase Schedules

Because of the nature of transmission and power line projects’ soil conditions, it’s essential to identify equipment that can operate in a wide variety of densities to ensure proper drilling and avoid the breakdown of equipment. The CZM LR160 is powerful enough to drill through rock and can be adapted for soft soil conditions as the terrain shifts and changes depending on the scale of the project.

When owners start to explore drilling equipment rental options, they should work with a knowledgeable vendor who can help them select the right equipment from day one. In many cases, they can help understand the expectations and scope of the project to deliver machines that are powerful enough for the conditions.

By reducing the number of phases, drill rig operators can reduce equipment rental costs, labor costs, and other variable costs to help maintain their budget while staying on schedule. Transmission lines require drilled shafts to support their significant structures and, depending on engineering specifications, can need holes that are larger than commonly found. If this is the case, the CZM LR160 may be the ideal piece of machinery for the job.

The extended boom makes accessing difficult positions simple and straightforward. This isn’t just an advantage for installing transmission and power lines. It provides a thoughtful solution for installing sound-bearing walls and other utilities and infrastructure.

Long Reach Drill Rigs for Difficult or Confined Conditions

The short mass configuration makes operating smooth in low clearance conditions, including under live utility wires. Also, the CAT 336 Next Gen chassis provides increased stability, and the auto crowd, auto level, and return to center technology make accurate drilling easier and less time-consuming, which helps reduce equipment rental costs.

Drilling and operation are seamless, with the ability to auto monitor hydraulic and engine systems in real-time. The hydraulic torque can be monitored to ensure the equipment is functioning correctly and to avoid extensive damage that can cause delays that cause the schedule to break down depending on the severity of the damage.

The hydraulic motor and planetary gears are built to last and offer high torque for drilling in the most dense conditions. The onboard technology also allows managers to monitor the CZM LR160’s performance remotely to confirm operations and store maintenance information on the cloud.

With more than fifty years of experience renting and selling drilling accessories, RPI Equipment works with our clients to help them identify the best equipment for their project’s scope and budget. Our service technicians can troubleshoot and repair equipment in the field to help reduce costly downtime and delays. Next-day service is often available with 24-hour notice to keep your project on track.

Find out why RPI Equipment is your trusted partner for your next transmission and power line drilling project. Contact us today to discuss rental options and gain access to our fleet of drilling and pile driving equipment.

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