The Impact of SENNEBOGEN Service on Material Handling Operations

Two SENNEBOGEN scrap metal material handlers in a metal scrap yard.

When interests align and are directed towards clear outcomes, projects are more likely to become compliant for both scheduling and cost. RPI’s status as a SENNEBOGEN Authorized Service Provider means quality of service that owner can trust. That also means the contractor can rest assured that they will have manufacturer parts when needed and work with a service provider who is just as concerned about performance as they are.

There is an excellent opportunity to increase productivity when you have on-the-spot maintenance assistance and quality spares for your material handlers. We are equipped with local access to providers and have in-house SENNEBOGEN technicians to resolve any issues you may face.

We provide cost-effective parts and UPtime pre-packaged containers as well as Preventative Maintenance Kits. Allow us to help you maintain the performance and efficiency of your industrial, recycling, port, and scrap handling equipment so you can go about delivering better project outcomes to your clients.

How Our SENNEBOGEN Service Can Benefit Your Operations

#1: Worker safety

Based on a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,190 death cases due to workplace injury in 2021. Material handlers, when not functioning properly, are a notable safety hazard for workers. As a SENNEBOGEN ASP we take our responsibility toward maintaining the safety of your jobsite very seriously. We understand that a well-maintained machine is equivalent to a safe machine.

In addition to providing efficient maintenance service on SENNEBOGEN material handlers, we’re available to give the technicians who use them practical tips to maintain safe operations.

By serving as a SENNEBOGEN ASP, we also take part in the knowledge of the scrap handling, port, and recycling equipment they build, which strives to help keep those industries safe. Our specialists are taught exactly by the company how to maintain these machines for riskless functioning for you.

#2: Equipment performance

One of the key concerns for owners is equipment damage, leading to shut down. A poor maintenance strategy can reduce the capacity of the facility to produce 5 to 20 percent during the unplanned shutdown. Recent research shows that those unplanned breakdowns cost industrial producers an estimated $50 billion per annum.

To maintain a high level of reliability and resilience, timely maintenance is essential for material handling equipment in all industries.  The SENNEBOGEN service offered by RPI Construction Equipment allows organized scheduled preventative maintenance that reduces possible breakdowns and downtime by replacing the parts at pre-assigned time intervals. Programmed and scheduled maintenance in most cases will prove more efficient than on-demand procedures.

#3: Flexibility and Scalability

SENNEBOGEN 192 in a port after maintenance service.

Neglecting to properly estimate market demand and the market growth itself can be destructive. A growth surge, while fiscally great for a company, can also cause operational challenges for companies that struggle to keep up with increased demand. Many owners are caught napping in the absence of effective long-term planning for the performance and efficiency of their equipment. This makes them unable to respond when faced with an instant boom in their business and the need to quickly deliver services for longer hours.

With the help of our SENNEBOGEN service, our customers can keep up with the industry demands and market dynamics. Scalability is a must in business, especially when efficiency and reliance are not renounceable.

With us, customers do not have to worry about disruptions or downtime, permitting optimum productivity with their material handlers. We provide ready access to equipment and parts from the manufacturer so you can eliminate downtime and scale up as the market demands.

Our SENNEBOGEN parts and equipment reduce contractors’ financial burden and therefore companies can spend money strategically in areas where it’s needed for their expansion initiatives.

#4: Speed and Efficiency

As we all know, time is money! This makes it even more critical to track and expediently optimize the productivity of recycling, new buildings, and demolition equipment. Our emergency maintenance for SENNEBOGEN material handlers permits us to rapidly help clients with any breakdowns.

This, in turn, supports the smooth functioning of material handler operations with less downtime. Our top-trained technicians know how to diagnose and repair problems quickly, which allows you to resume work without delay.

Equipment faults and low-quality equipment performance can lead to outcomes such as client dissatisfaction, project delays, and cost overruns. After equipment breakdown time is lost and projects run behind schedule. Longer repair processes make the work last longer and efficiency is affected. That’s why our SENNEBOGEN troubleshooting experts are always ready to help with emergency maintenance of your material handlers.

When unforeseen breakdowns with your SENNEBOGEN machines happen, we are familiar with the complexity of the case. Our team is ready to intervene promptly with the same speed. We focus on quick response time. It is always our goal to have our technicians at your place, assessing the problem and addressing the issue promptly.

#5: Access to Qualified Specialists

A lack of access to material handler specialists may result in many challenges and risks for owners. A project that a team can complete in days could take weeks and a construction job usually is more than most material handler specialists could help. This may result in missed quality checks and lower performance. It may cause job hazards, as operators can get injured during production.

Additionally, this may inflate costs, and lead to projects being scaled down or dropped, which may have serious economic consequences. Thankfully, as a SENNEBOGEN ASP, RPI Construction Equipment is here to make sure that does not happen.

Our SENNEBOGEN service includes specialized personnel who work directly with local operators, providing greater availability of the best material handler expertise in the industry. We can perform the role of specialists for our customers by delivering a combination of tailor-made solutions, risk mitigation strategies, and improvement of safety standards to reduce costs and drive efficiency.

Our targeted approach does not demand long-range travel nor the delays that you incur when searching for professionals from far away. Through the direct transfer of our knowledge and white-glove support to our clients, we can save their valuable time and cut out unnecessary expenses. This leads to cost-effectiveness and operational optimization.


The local SENNEBOGEN service we offer is one-of-a-kind aimed at meeting the specific needs of owners and recycling companies, thus improving safety, uptime, project scalability, and access to professionals in the hour of need.

As experts in the field, we strive to provide timely attention to where there are equipment challenges and guarantee safe conditions and minimal downtime. We will be your dependable associate who values what you do and is committed to helping you achieve your project goals. Trust RPI Construction Equipment for the highest level of expertise and support when it matters most to you, contact us today.

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