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We stock a unique rental fleet of efficient equipment solutions for the foundation industry. From piling and drilling rigs that transport on a single truck to excavator-mounted side clamp vibratory hammers that can drive piles which normally require a crane, our equipment can save you time and money.

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Years of surveying the market, listening to our customers, and communicating the demand to our manufacturers has resulted in market-leading equipment solutions that are cost efficient and effective in a variety of applications. Our fleet of rentable side clamp vibratory hammers have streamlined crew and equipment requirements for pile driving operations. Our all-in-one CZM pile driving and drilling rig options are ready to work within minutes of unloading off of a single truck. Low overhead room and limited site space are common problems tackled by these solutions.

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Our goal is to match our customers with the correct piece of equipment for their job to give them the best chance to get it done on the first try. We review geotechnical engineering reports, job specifications, and available equipment on site to come up with the best possible solution. If there is a better suited equipment option elsewhere in the market, we do not hesitate to point customers in the right direction. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with potential customers even if it does not result in a rental or sale of our equipment.

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Unique Rental Fleet

We proudly rent and sell equipment from these manufacturers who only build equipment in the USA. Our equipment is specialized for the foundation industry but unlike other niche equipment manufactured overseas, you will not have to wait for parts and service. Made in the USA means that support is available quickly. We have solutions that use less resources than previously required for the tasks they complete.

Equipment Applications

Pile Driving Materials and Applications: 

  • Steel H-Piles – If load bearing, H-piles can be driven with pile driving rigs, air pile drivers, and diesel hammers. If bearing is not required such as a soldier piles, lagging walls, or support of excavation, H-piles can be driven with vibratory hammers including side clamp vibratory hammers. They can also be installed with a drilling rig by drilling a hole and dropping in the beam.
  • Sheet Piles – Generally installed with vibratory hammers including side clamp vibratory hammers unless soil conditions require sheets to be driven with an impact pile hammer such as a piling rig, diesel hammer, or air pile driver. Pre-drilling for sheets is also an option. Applications include support of excavation, cofferdams, seawalls, bulkheads, barge docks, and retaining walls. Sheet piles can be steel, aluminum, vinyl, concrete, or wood. 
  • Steel Pipe Piles – Pipe piles can be driven with impact pile drivers or vibrated in if no bearing is required. They can be open-ended or closed to fill with concrete. Steel pipes can also be used as casing for drilled holes in non-cohesive soils such as sand or when holes are drilled where the water table is high and groundwater is an issue.
  • Timber Piles –  Timber piles are tried and true for building marine structures such as docks, jetties, dolphins, and fenders. On land they are commonly used in residential properties and small commercial projects requiring foundation piles. These piles can be driven with vibratory hammers when the application is a small dock or fender piles. When used in foundations, they need to be driven to prove the bearing capacity of the pile. This application is perfect for a hydraulic piling rig.
  • Concrete Piles – Concrete piles can be driven with impact pile drivers such as piling rigs when bearing capacity is required. They can be vibrated in or drilled when bearing is not required. Precast concrete piles can be round or square depending on the application. Applications include sound walls for land use and many offshore applications such as commercial docks, bridges, and oil rigs.

Drilling Rig Types and Applications:

  • Standard Mast Rigs – Designed for kelly bar drilling with cylinder crowd from easy soil to hard rock. Applications include caissons, drilled shafts, conductor, ratholes, cellar, and landfill drilling.
  • Short Mast Rigs – Similar to standard mast rigs but short mast and ultra short mast rigs are designed for drilling under live power lines, existing bridges, or inside buildings. Ultra short mast rigs can drill with under 20 feet of overhead space which makes them great for use in the utility industry for transmission and power line foundations.
  • Long Reach Rigs – Equipped with a long boom instead of kinematics allows for drilling on a large slope, on soft soil, or on rock. These rigs usually have an interlocking kelly bar to match the variety of applications performed by a standard mast rig.
  • Micropile Rigs – These rigs are set up to drill micropiles with a long stroke with 50 feet of travel for maximum efficiency. Options include a radio remote as well as double rotary which can perform secant wall jobs. They are multifunctional and can be converted to a CFA (continuous flight auger) rig and jet grouting.
  • Cable Crowd Rigs – Ideal for working with segmented casing and featuring a long stroke for work with longer segments. These rigs are multifunctional as well for auger cast CFA, displacement piles, cased CFA, and soil mixing.

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