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Parts and Accessories

Pile Driving Leads and Spotters

Pile Driving Leads & Spotters

RPI Construction Equipment stocks pile leads and spotters. Pile leads range in size from 21” and 26” to 32”. Both swinging leads and fixed leads are available. They come with a top lifting bale, middle sections, and bottom stab points. Fixed leads have boom point connectors. Spotters range in size and type including air spotters and hydraulic spotters. Pile driving leads and spotters are available for rent or sale. Please contact us for current inventory.

Pile Driving Lead System MKT ELS

MKT Excavator Mounted Lead System (ELS)

Pile Driving Lead
The MKT Excavator Mounted Lead System is perfect for using an excavator to do the job of a crane. The lead system is great for when there is low overhead room or not enough room on the jobsite for a crane. You can use the ELS to drive piles with an air hammer, a vibratory hammer, or a diesel hammer or to drill holes with an auger. It is equipped with 2 winches to be able to hold your pile driving or drilling equipment and your various accessories such as piling or auger flighting at the same time. The ELS comes with a 20’ base section of leads and can increase up to 45’ total of 8” x 26” box leads. The lead system is easy to attach and is powered by the excavator’s hydraulics. It comes with an operator friendly joystick for inside the cab.

The MKT Excavator Mounted Lead System is available for rental or sale.
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Pile Driving Caps and Helmets

Pile Driving Caps and Helmets

RPI Construction Equipment stocks a large amount of pile driving caps and helmets. We stock new and good used timber pile caps, sheet pile caps, H-pile caps, concrete caps, and pipe pile caps. Please call for current inventory. These pile caps are available for rent or sale.

Sheet Piles

Sheet Piles

RPI Construction Equipment intermittently stocks small amounts of pile. Types include sheet pile, wood pile, concrete pile, pipe pile, and H beam. If we do not have your current need in stock, we will point you in the right direction. Call us for details.



RPI Construction Equipment has a large stock of both new and good used sheaves. We can sell sheaves “as is” or we can fabricate custom bushings for your pin size.

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Lubricators and Oilers

Lubricators & Oilers

RPI Construction Equipment has new and used lubricators and oilers. They come in different air hose sizes and capacities. They are made with a ball valve to control the airflow to the equipment. Please contact us for details.

Bucket Tooth Bolts

Bucket Tooth Bolts

Contact us for bucket tooth bolts, nuts and lock washers. We stock many types and sizes.