MKT #7 Air Pile Hammer

Air pile driver for use with excavator or crane

The MKT #7 is one of our most popular and versatile air pile hammers. It can be used with an excavator on a spud beam, crane, or even a forklift. Available with a flat anvil for H-pile, sheet piles, or pipe pile and a cup anvil for timber pile. It can be installed inside of U-shaped box pile leads or a boot can be installed to stabilize the hammer on the pile. The hammer weighs 5,075 pounds and can deliver 4,150 foot pounds per blow at a rate of 225 blows per minute.

  • Clean and Controlled Operation
  • Double Acting - 225 Blows Per Minute
  • Proveable Bearing Capacity
  • Flat Anvil for Steel Pile or Cupped Anvil for Timber Pile


Striking Energy (ft-lbs)
Total Weight (lbs)
Air Compressor Size (cfm)


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