Vulcan 50-C Air Pile Hammer

Double acting air pile hammer for use with crane

The Vulcan 50-C is the double acting version of the Vulcan #1. It has the same ram size and delivers very similar striking energy. The double acting version of the hammer is better in non-cohesive soils such as sand, silt and gravel. With a standard base, the hammer can be set up with a helmet to drive a variety of steel piles. The McDermid base version is designed to drive timber pile without the use of a helmet.

  • Clean and Controlled Operation
  • Double Acting - 120 Blows Per Minute
  • Proveable Bearing Capacity
  • Variety of Piling Caps Available for All Types of Pile


Striking Energy (ft-lbs)
Total Weight (lbs)
Air Compressor Size (cfm)


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