CZM EK250HH Pile Driving Rig

Hydraulic hammer pile driving rig mounted on CAT 336 Next Gen base

The EK250HH from CZM Foundation Equipment is a hydraulic pile drive machine mounted on a CAT 336 Next Gen base with a free fall hydraulic impact hammer. This design has multiple advantages:

  • Half the life cycle is maintenance-free because it’s operated by gravity
  • Less fuel consumption due to lower installed power
  • No need for impact reaction absorption by the hydraulic circuit when ram hits the pile results in much higher durability
  • The ability to work with any kind of bearing capacity or refusal specification
  • Improved ratio between piston weight and total hammer weight with higher efficiency compared to similar sized machines

The CZM hammer uses two external hydraulic cylinders which lift the ram up to the controlled height, making it quick and easy to inspect and maintain. The transportation and set up of the EK250HH is much more efficient than the traditional crane mounted set up. The 360º of swing and its parallelogram allows for agility in the pile location and the ability to work with restricted access. The computer in the cabin controls a precise drop height and driving frequency on the highly efficient hammer.

  • Efficient Transportation and Set Up
  • Pre-Drill Auger and Segmented Mast
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Made in the USA. Parts and Service Readily Available


Striking Energy (foot-pounds)
5,500 - 44,000
Max Pile Length (feet)
Operating Weight (lbs)
Hammer Ram Weight (lbs)
CAT 336 Next Gen


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