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MKT ELS System – Pile Driving Leads

Excavator Mounted Pile Driving Leads

Available for rent or sale

The MKT Excavator Lead System is perfect for using an excavator to do the job of a crane. The lead system is great for when there is low overhead room or not enough room on the jobsite for a crane. You can use the ELS to drive piles with an air hammer, a vibratory hammer, or a diesel hammer or to drill holes with an auger. It is equipped with 2 winches to be able to hold your pile driving or drilling equipment and your various accessories such as piling or auger flighting at the same time. The ELS comes with a 20’ base section of leads and can increase up to 45’ total of 8” x 26” box leads. The lead system is easy to attach and is powered by the excavator’s hydraulics. It comes with an operator friendly joystick for inside the cab.