Conmaco 65E5 Air Pile Hammer

Air pile hammer with variable stroke for use with crane and pile leads

The Conmaco 65E5 single acting air pile hammer is a large hammer equal in energy per blow to the Vulcan 010 (32,500 foot pounds). The advantage to the 65E5 is that it weighs 12,500 pounds which is much less than the Vulcan 010. This hammer can be converted to a 3 foot stroke through its energy selector. Pile helmets can be provided so that the hammer is able to drive all types of piles including H-pile, timber pile, concrete pile, pipe pile, and sheets.

  • Clean and Controlled Operation
  • Variable Stroke - 3' or 5'
  • Proveable Bearing Capacity
  • Variety of Piling Caps Available for All Types of Pile


Striking Energy (ft-lbs)
Total Weight (lbs)
Air Compressor Size (cfm)


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