ICE / J&M 3060 Auger with Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic auger drill for use with pile leads and crane

The ICE model 3060 auger is powered by the model 310 hydraulic power unit. It is capable of two speed and torque ranges. Full engine power can be used at both settings to maximize drill production. 30,000 ft-lbs of torque is available at speeds up to 40 rpms and 21,000 ft-lbs of torque is available at speeds up to 60 rpms. The 3060 has a hollow output shaft with a 4" inside diameter to allow a grouting swivel. This equipment is mainly used as an earth auger for pile predrill, cast-in-place augered piles, drive units for tie-back equipment and down-the-hole hammers. For a popular alternative to this piece of equipment, please see our CZM Drilling Rigs.

  • 2 Speed Torque Range
  • Large 4" ID Output Shaft
  • Large Grout Swivel 3" - 4" ID
  • High Crowd and Lift Capacity - 35,000 lbs


Crane Hung Earth Auger
Torque (ft-lbs)
21,000 - 30,000
Speed (rpm)
40 - 60
Hydraulic Power Unit
ICE / J&M Model 310


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