MKT 11B3 Air Pile Hammer

Air pile driver for use with excavator or pile leads and crane

The MKT 11B3 hammer is the largest of the B3 series hammers from MKT. It is a great option for driving larger piles in non-cohesive soils. Most times it is used with a crane and U-shaped box leads but it can be mounted on an excavator with a spud beam. Available with a flat anvil for sheet pile, I-beams, pipe pile, or precast concrete piles, and a cup anvil for timber pile. The hammer weighs 14,200 pounds and it delivers 19,150 foot pounds of energy per blow.

  • Clean and Controlled Operation
  • Double Acting - 95 Blows Per Minute
  • Proveable Bearing Capacity
  • Flat Anvil for Steel Pile or Cupped Anvil for Timber Pile


Striking Energy (ft-lbs)
Total Weight (lbs)
Air Compressor Size (cfm)


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