Pileco D19-42 Diesel Pile Hammer

Diesel pile driving hammer for use with crane and pile driving leads

The Pileco D19-42 is a diesel pile driver capable of delivering between 21,463 foot pounds and 42,410 foot pounds of striking energy per blow to the pile depending on fuel pump setting. The operating weight of the hammer is 10,503 pounds and the ram weight is 4,012 pounds. Based on a general rule of thumb, this hammer is capable of driving a pile that weighs up to 16,000 lbs. It has guides installed to fit in 26” U-shaped box pile leads.

  • High Efficiency of Striking Force vs Weight
  • Single Acting - 37 - 52 Blows Per Minute
  • 4 Fuel Pump Settings
  • Variety of Piling Caps Available for All Types of Pile


Striking Energy (ft-lbs)
21,463 to 42,410
Total Weight (lbs)
Piston Weight (lbs)
4,012 lbs
For Use with Crane and Pile Driving Leads


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