Plumb Vibratory Hammer to Excavator or Use Hydraulic Power Unit

vibratory hammer sheet pile removal

There are two options to power a vibratory pile driver when pinning it to the arm of an excavator:

  1. Use a sequence valve or hydraulic manifold to plumb vibratory hammer directly to the excavator.
  2. Use a separate hydraulic power pack and run hoses from the power unit to the vibratory hammer.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each option.

Plumb vibratory hammer to excavator:

  • This option is more popular because of the compact nature of the setup and mobility. The hammer and the excavator are connected without any external equipment or cumbersome hydraulic hoses.
  • There is no need for an additional ground man dedicated to operating the power unit.

Operate with a hydraulic power unit:

  • Installation of the vibratory hammer is fast and cheap with this setup. Just pin the hammer to the excavator arm and connect the hoses from the power unit.
  • This setup is necessary if the excavator cannot provide enough hydraulic pressure and flow to operate the vibratory hammer and perform other functions simultaneously.

We offer standard vibratory hammers as well as side clamp vibratory hammers that can be mounted to excavators with sequence valves, hydraulic manifolds, or hydraulic power units. The connection method does not alter the rental rate. Contact us to learn more.

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