Ideal Project Types to Utilize CZM Drilling Rigs

CZM Drilling Rigs

The versatility and power of CZM drilling rigs have made them among the most popular rigs on the market. While many contractors think they are primarily for drilling holes for piles, their applications can serve a wide range of projects. Many sectors, including Oil & Gas, Landfills, Power Line and Utility installation, and Civil Engineering, also utilize CZM drilling rigs. Large commercial real estate developments also employ CZM rigs to drill shafts for large foundation caissons. 

Transportation Infrastructure Construction

Large civil projects often require Kelly Bars to bore into the ground to pour caissons and other foundational supports for freeways and overpasses. CZM rigs in standard and short mast are the best solution for many of these projects. Because infrastructure projects have different load demands than residential or commercial real estate construction, a powerful long reach or cable crowd rig can be the ideal fit for the project.

CZM EK125 Drill Rig Drilling Wells

Utility, Transmission, and Powerlines

CZM rigs are uniquely well suited to these projects, where a short mast rig can drill directly below live power lines for repairs, maintenance, or grid expansion. Long Reach and Ultra Short Mast rigs also allow operators to drill at full torque without worrying about lines above them while still reaching the required depths. Because utility drilling projects occur in a wide range of conditions from loose soil, gravel, rock, and more; CZM Drilling Rigs offer the perfect solution no matter the composition of the earth.

Types of CZM Drilling Rigs

  • Grab Drilling
  • Kelly Bar Drilling
  • Low Overhead Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling
  • Dual Rotary Drilling
  • Continuous Flight Auger Drilling
  • Full Displacement Drilling

CZM EK125 Drilled Shaft Rig

Gas Extraction in Landfills

Landfills naturally generate methane which can be extracted and used to create fuel. Increasing regulation in the landfill industry has seen the EPS enact tighter restrictions to reduce the release of this methane. By drilling a methane extraction well with a CZM rig, operators can help reduce greenhouse gases while creating a new fuel source. Because landfills present transportation issues, CZM rigs are ideal for their single-load transport and drilling capabilities up to 200 feet. Methane is produced as organic material is broken down by bacteria that occurs in the soil naturally.

Oil & Gas Drilling

In the beginning phases of drilling in an oil or gas project it is necessary to drill conductors, cellars, and ratholes. CZM rigs are the perfect solution for these types of bores because of their specific requirements for diameter and depth. Because CZM drilling rigs can operate in a large variety of soil conditions, including hard rock, they are uniquely suited for oil & gas drilling projects. They are also popular because of their one-load transport capabilities, ease of operation, and high torque.

Why Choose CZM Drilling Rigs?

Because of their wide variety of uses and applications across industries, CZM drill rigs offer the perfect solution for numerous projects. When you begin scoping out your project, consult with a trusted vendor to identify the ideal CZM drill rig for your job, and you will save time and money with single load transport and easy operation. With applications in residential, civil, and commercial drilling, CZM drill rigs have options tailored to a variety of projects with different bore diameter and depth requirements.  

No two projects are the same, and identifying the ideal rig from day one will help keep you on schedule and allow for accurate cost forecasts. Due to the unique requirements of industrial and infrastructure construction, such as bridges or high rises, CZM drilling rigs can qualify for the proper movement while supporting these structures’ heavy load. CZM drilling rigs offer optimal performance for projects of any scope. Contact RPI Equipment to rent or buy a drilling rig today.

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