Can We Expect Many Changes to Drilling Equipment This New Year?

CZM EK160 Short Mast Drilling Rig available for rent or sale from RPI Equipment.

Drilling equipment has seen many advances in recent years, and experts and analysts agree that more developments will be seen in the coming months and years.

The most significant transformations come with technological enhancements, smart tech, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

New demands and regulations are driving the need for innovation and advancement every year, and as the industry changes, drilling equipment for rent or sale must keep up.

An image of foundation drilling equipment for rent or for sale from RPI Construction Equipment for foundation projects.

Drilling Equipment Automation Technology

Nearly every industry is being transformed by automation technology, and drilling is increasingly seeing the adoption and implementation of automated drilling equipment in the field.

One of the primary reasons drilling companies are adopting automation is that it can increase safety for crew members working in high-risk positions. Automation also increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of human error in sites that have potentially hazardous conditions. Another benefit of automation for foundation drilling equipment is that it expands the ability to access sites with unique conditions, particularly smaller drilling sites.

Some critics of automation claim that this equipment is prone to malfunction or failure, but studies actually indicate the contrary.

Automated drilling equipment for rent or purchase is easily maintained and can be monitored continuously to identify potential breakdowns before they occur – saving money on repairs and downtime.

Also, automated drilling rigs can be run 24/7 without in-person crews operating them – saving companies and contractors on labor expenses and keeping projects on schedule.

Operators can also optimize their drilling equipment with automation depending on the project’s specific demands to deliver unparalleled performance.

Artificial Intelligence and the IoT

The full potential of automated drilling equipment can be truly reached with the implementation of artificial intelligence and the IoT.

The IoT refers to the implementation of connectivity in devices and equipment on dedicated networks. It has become one of the primary drivers of efficiency and increased performance in the drilling industry.

Drilling rigs, such as CZM drilling rigs for rent or sale, equipped with IoT tech can automatically detect performance issues, monitor fluid levels and alert operators remotely of potential problems.

This increases productivity and reduces drilling companies’ bottom lines, and is one of the most beneficial aspects of drilling equipment innovation.

Artificial Intelligence has impacted every industry, and drilling equipment is no different.

AI blends machine learning with real-time analytics to deliver unprecedented advances in drilling equipment. From sensors to load, analysis AI can increase efficiency, performance, and profits for drilling operators at every scale.

This technology has even expanded into PPE and can be integrated into safety vests that can signal an emergency in the field and smart devices that allow for faster communication to increase productivity.

AI can also help site managers monitor job sites around the clock without having a crew member present, which can improve safety measures and reduce the risk of theft or intruders.

Both of these are being applied to the job site and the management side of drilling operations to create thoughtful systems that operate at peak efficiency.

The EK65 drilling rig from CZM is a reliable cylinder crowd drill rig mounted on a John Deere 160 or CAT 316 Next Gen base, keeping the operation and maintenance extremely efficient.

Analysis and Data Management

Without being able to effectively analyze technical data – no matter what kind of equipment you’re operating – you will never be able to optimize its performance and efficiency.

Industry leaders agree that data analytics will increase productivity, transform drilling operations, and lead to more sustainable practices as potential regulations on the industry loom.

AI and IoT devices can help collect, manage, store, and analyze data in real-time and from remote locations.

Analytic software enables drilling companies that provide drilling machinery to understand technical information about efficiency and daily operations, which will transform budgets and schedules.

Another aspect of data analysis in drilling is that it allows operators to identify potentially untapped resources at a lower cost.

By analyzing remote locations and combining this information with AI, operators can pinpoint areas that have previously been overlooked. It can also help engineers and site managers develop a complete picture of their soil conditions at great depths and across longer distances.

With effective analytic systems in place, operators can help forecast variable costs to optimize their budgets and maintain profitability.

The CZM EK125 is a very popular model for several applications such as foundation drilling, powerlines, utilities, landfill and rathole.

What Does the Future Hold for Drilling Equipment?

The drilling industry spans the globe and impacts every aspect of modern life, and technology is helping transform this multi-billion dollar industry and increase efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Technology is rapidly advancing, and as drilling operators implement and utilize new resources, they can stay ahead of the curve and benefit in numerous ways.

Smart technology, AI, and other advances are here to stay. As they become the norm, it’s imperative for drilling operators to ensure their equipment is up to date and equipped with the best physical and digital technology.

Because the drilling industry is subject to fluctuations, it is important to be able to effectively predict trends, costs, and changes for drilling operators and companies to maintain their bottom line. This allows them to keep their operations performing at maximum efficiency without sacrificing production or exposing themselves to costly breakdowns, repairs, or malfunctions.

Connectivity’s potential holds some of the most advanced innovations in the drilling industry to be seen in recent decades.

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