Top Things to Look for in a Foundation Drilling Equipment Company

Foundation Drilling Equipment

Whether you’re a foundation drilling contractor, civil engineer, or private equity developer, identifying a qualified foundation drilling equipment company can be challenging. This has become even more difficult in today’s ever-evolving market as demand soars and supply tries to keep up.

Experienced vendors can help you pinpoint the different types of drilling rigs for your project’s specific site conditions. They can also help you prepare for estimating the fixed equipment costs and help define the scope of your job.

Collaborating with a trusted foundation drilling company will mitigate the risk of malfunction or breakdown during your project. Additionally, when you build a relationship with a local company, you gain access to years of experience, expertise, and real-world understanding.

These tips will help you connect with a trusted local drilling equipment company that will keep your project on track and within budget.

Local Expertise

The best foundation drilling equipment companies are often owned and operated by teams who have built up a fleet over the years. Their real-world expertise and understanding of the industry cannot be overvalued. Because they have done the work and understand the region’s soil, they have valuable insight that corporate dealers do not.

Depending on the season and climate, soil conditions can be highly variable. An equipment company that has first-hand knowledge of how to drill in these conditions is invaluable. Also, local vendors have personal connections with the best operators and contractors.

A trusted local foundation drilling equipment company can also help connect clients with transportation specialists, crews, and service technicians.

CZM EK160 Short Mast Foundation Drilling Equipment from RPI Equipment

Foundation Drilling Equipment Fleet and Availability

One of the most important considerations when identifying an equipment company is the size of its fleet and fleet availability. Foundation drilling projects can range in scope from weeks to months, and unforeseen circumstances can cause delays.

Foundation drilling equipment companies with larger fleets are prepared for delays. Every project presents its own unique challenges, and delays are inevitable. These delays can make it difficult for smaller fleets to provide equipment for new projects.

Different soil conditions require different drilling rig types and some equipment companies specialize in niche machinery. When you start the conversation with a vendor, make sure that their fleet is large enough that availability is not going to be an issue. Also, ensure that they have the correct type of equipment you’ll need for your job site.

EK125 Foundation Drilling Equipment


Drilling rig maintenance prevents malfunction and breakdown. Any reputable equipment company should pride itself on keeping its rigs at peak performance. This is only one aspect of a foundation drilling company’s reputation to evaluate. Most drill operators and contractors know the best vendors locally, and consulting with them will help you identify a trusted partner.

Foundation drilling is far from simple, and the best way to avoid costly downtime is by working with a vendor you can trust. There are many variables in foundation drilling projects. Still, one thing that remains static is an equipment company’s dedication to their client’s success.

Communication and Transparency

A communication breakdown is one of the easiest ways for a foundation drilling project to get off track. Reputable foundation drilling companies should be transparent and open to every channel of communication.

From the first contact, all the way through a completed project, a trusted foundation drilling equipment provider should be there for advice and assistance. This can include helping develop a proper maintenance schedule, identifying potential malfunctions, and offering different equipment should site conditions differ from initial soil analysis.

Additionally, reputable vendors should be transparent about availability, pricing structures, and the maintenance and services they provide for their fleet.

Some equipment companies offer lower rental rates only to have fees or exorbitant service or maintenance charges on the back end. A trustworthy foundation equipment dealer should offer accurate quotes that illustrate competitive rates.

Foundation Drilling Equipment Service

Foundation Drilling Equipment Service and Repairs

Any trustworthy drilling equipment company should conduct service and repairs on their fleet. This not only helps protect their investment but ensures that their clients are getting equipment that won’t malfunction or break down, which can lead to costly downtime and scheduling delays.

Some servicing can be done in the field by certified technicians. However, if a piece of drilling equipment is damaged, it may require transportation back to the vendor’s repair shop for more extensive restoration.

A qualified foundation drilling equipment company is one of the best ways to ensure a project’s success. Working with a local vendor can make a huge difference. Local vendors have a vested interest in your project and have firsthand knowledge and expertise of the area.

Before you begin your next foundation drilling project, explore your options and talk with local experts who can help you identify the proper equipment, help coordinate transportation, ensure availability, and keep you on schedule.

Due to the variable nature of foundation drilling, it’s essential to mitigate any potential downtime, and the most effective way to do that is by working with a reliable equipment company.

Contact RPI Equipment today for all your foundation drilling equipment needs, we pride ourselves on our reputation and ability to help you get your job done successfully.

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