Underground Tanks Installation Case Study

Underground Tanks

Sheet Piles Driven with Side Clamp Vibratory Hammer on Job Site with Limited Space


This job required temporary shoring to remove an underground fuel storage tank system and install new underground tanks at a gas station.

Sheet pile was the best option for temporary shoring due to the size of the tanks and required excavation area.

The job site is small and there was not extra room for auxiliary equipment to move the sheet pile off of the delivery truck and position the sheet pile for driving into the ground.


The customer chose to use the MKT V-5Esc Side Clamp Vibratory Hammer mounted on an excavator to try to perform the job as efficiently as possible.

This vibratory hammer saves space on job sites by using its Rototilt, side clamp, and bottom clamp. These features enable the pile driver to unload the sheet pile directly off of the trailer, position the pile for driving, drive the pile down from the side, then finish the pile by driving it from the top without using any auxiliary equipment.

The customer opted to use a hydraulic power unit with a hydraulic hose bundle. He could have saved even more space on the site by plumbing the hammer directly to the excavator.

Successful Outcome

Using the excavator mounted side clamp vibro saved the customer time and money in the following ways:

  • No auxiliary equipment was needed for the pile driving operations. This saved money on equipment mobilization as well as maintenance and potential repairs.
  • Smaller crew was needed to drive pile. With less equipment to operate, the customer was able to complete the job with a smaller crew. He was able to allocate his labor to other jobs and perform more work.
  • Fewer pieces of equipment and a smaller crew mean that there was more room to operate on this limited space job site. The customer was able to save money by operating more efficiently and getting the job done quickly.

As mentioned earlier, the side clamp vibratory hammer could have been plumbed directly to the excavator which would have saved even more space and required even less crew to operate this pile driving setup. Overall, the job was a success because the vibratory hammer setup operated efficiently.

Underground Tanks and Installation Case Study

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