Explore the HMC SP Series of Hammers Designed for Every Project

HMC SP Line of Vibratory Hammers

Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) continues to lead the way with technological advances in the drilling and pile-driving equipment industry. As the demand for increased accuracy and greater capacity grows, pile rig operators and contractors are in need of equipment that can meet these necessities. The HMC SP line of hammers is designed to handle projects of every scope.

These excavator-mounted pile hammers are proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest standard, and HMC has been a trusted producer for more than fifty years.

RPI Equipment and HMC have partnered to provide our clients with the best equipment available. Having a piling rig tailored to your job’s specific soil conditions and engineering specifications is the most effective way to ensure success and meet tight deadlines while maintaining strict budgetary constraints.

Predictions for the Pile and Drilling Industry

As the demand for renewable energy grows, solar arrays are being installed across the nation, and pile hammers like the HMC SP80 are uniquely suited to solar pile-driving projects. Because they can navigate narrow corridors, install hundreds of piles in a day, and drive piles with unparalleled accuracy, they allow operators to focus on other aspects of the job. They are also manufactured to perform on sites with low clearances and other obstructions, including existing transmission and power lines.

Another expansion within the industry is in the repair, improvement, and replacement of transportation infrastructure. The federal government has allocated $40 billion to update infrastructure that is nearing the end of its engineered lifespan. Because most existing infrastructure was constructed from the 1950s to the 1970s, it now needs updating to keep it from catastrophic failure. This is particularly true in regions where the infrastructure was not engineered to handle the considerable demands placed on it by growing populations and urban expansion.

Both renewable energy projects and infrastructure repair represent exciting prospects for pile driver operators and contractors as the industry grows to meet these increased demands.

HMC SP Line of Vibratory Hammers Available to Rent

Reduce Labor and Equipment Costs with the HMC SP line

Because the HMC SP line of hammers does not require a crane and is an excavator mounted, it can be operated by a crew of as little as two and provides a dynamic solution for operators looking to reduce their labor costs or fill gaps caused by a lack of skilled crew members. Lobar shortages can cause significant issues during the course of any project, and the ability to remain staffed and operational is crucial for firms of every size. Also, as labor costs rise, many firms are exploring equipment solutions that can be operated by smaller teams without sacrificing production levels.

As variable costs like fuel rise and labor shortages increase, many firms are looking for insightful ways to keep their margins in the black. Utilizing equipment that is equipped with the latest technology can give them an advantage compared to using traditional pile-driving rigs or other older drilling equipment.

HMC SideGrip SP-80 Install

Renting versus Purchasing the HMC SP line

Renting a pile rig offers considerable advantages to purchasing a new pile-driving hammer. Although in some cases, equipment vendors need to liquidate equipment that is still in top shape as their fleets expand and evolve, and operators can find deals on used pile driving rigs. One of the primary advantages of renting a piling rig is the reduced costs associated with downtime and storage, as well as fewer logistic considerations and fleet management.

If you are planning to expand your existing fleet, you can contact a local equipment vendor to explore your options, from in-house financing solutions to long-term rental agreements that give your firm access to the equipment it needs. Renting a side clamp vibratory hammer can help construction firms of any size fill gaps in their existing fleet without significant upfront capital investments or taking out loans with less than favorable interest rates.

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment is an industry leader and believes in competitive pricing, transparent communication, and offering the highest level of customer service. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our entire fleet of well-maintained pile driving rigs, m drilling rigs, vibratory hammers, and more. We can also help you examine financing options to help grow and scale your operation without significant upfront capital investment.

Our experienced service technicians can perform preventative maintenance, conduct troubleshooting, and perform inspections of all technical systems to ensure your equipment is in top shape and help you avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown. We also offer third-party soil analyses to help save costs associated with excessive oil or lubricant changes. Our technicians can be deployed to your site for next-day service calls with 24-hour advance notice.

As technology advances and rig operators and contractors need access to the latest equipment to get their job to the finish line, we update and maintain our entire fleet to help you get the job done right. Call or contact online today to discover the RPI Equipment difference!

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