Benefits of Compact CZM Drilling Rigs

CZM Drilling Rigs

As the drilling industry continues to expand and evolve, operators of drilling rigs are gaining access to technologically advanced equipment that is more efficient and designed to accommodate sites with clearance restrictions and other obstructions, including existing infrastructure systems.

CZM drilling rigs are manufactured in the USA using the highest-quality materials, and RPI Equipment remains a trusted vendor and third-party service provider.

Identifying the right equipment during the planning phases of a drilling project gives operators the confidence they deserve when facing harsh geotechnical conditions or sites with clearance restrictions.

Tailored to Sites with Clearance Restrictions

Due to their compact design, drill rigs like CZM EK65 are ideal for sites with clearance restrictions that prevent traditional crane-operated rigs from accessing these sites without damaging existing structures.

Both urban and rural drilling projects have unique requirements that make compact drilling rigs like the EK160 perfect for operating in tight spaces without sacrificing power or accuracy.

Existing structures associated with infrastructure projects can pose issues for larger traditional drilling rigs, and the compact EK drills from CZM can help deliver superb functionality without sacrificing drilling capacity.

Drilling Rigs Shipping

Efficient and Cost-Effective Transportation

CZM rigs, including the EK160, EK125, EK90, and EK65, can be deployed in a single load with a simple setup to reduce logistic issues and help crews get projects started faster. Reducing variable transportation costs helps operators maintain their bottom line and provide accurate projections and estimates.

Whether you’re renting a CZM drill rig for a short time or purchasing a new drill rig to add to your existing fleet, there are options prepared to handle projects of any scope.

Micropile Foundations in the Energy Sector

One of the most exciting new sectors for drilling operators is the energy sector which is growing as demand for renewable energy rises and new infrastructure to support aging systems needs to be installed. Updated transmission and power lines are essential to keeping homes and businesses across the nation powered, and rigs like the CZM EK65 are ideal for updating aging lines or installing new micropiles for these systems’ foundations.

Updating aging infrastructure is a top priority for the federal government, and $40 billion has been allocated to update transportation and energy infrastructure over the course of the next decade. These projects represent a lucrative opportunity within the drilling industry, and renting a drill rig allows small and medium firms to remain competitive and gain access to these public/private partnerships. Gaining access to a full line of CZM drilling rigs gives operators a competitive edge when trying to outbid larger international firms with vast reserves of capital.

New and Used Drilling Rigs Available

Used vs. New Drilling Rigs

As operators begin to explore their drill rig rental and purchase options, they may want to explore pre-owned equipment that can offer significant savings when compared to new drilling rigs. If equipment has been professionally maintained, it should have many hours of life left, and comprehensive maintenance records can indicate how many hours the rig has performed. Another advantage of renting a drill rig is that it allows operators to test the equipment in real-world scenarios before purchasing a new drill rig.

Investing in a new drill rig can be a considerable cost. However, exploring competitively priced drill rig rental options remains an attractive choice for many operators looking to grow their business without significant upfront expenses.

Also, as equipment vendors grow their existing fleets, they may need to liquidate used drill rigs to make room for new equipment, and this can allow operators to purchase pre-owned drill rigs. As firms grow and build out their fleets, they may want to explore financing a new drill rig to help keep their operation up to date and successfully bid on new projects.

A Trusted Partner for Drilling Rigs

Family-owned and operated for over fifty years, RPI Equipment remains dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service based on transparent communication. Our sales team’s knowledge and expertise allow them to help solve equipment rental or purchase needs. We are available to help you explore our entire fleet of well-maintained drill rigs, pile drivers, vibratory hammers, and other accessories.

RPI Equipment can also help operators and contractors navigate financing options that will allow them to take on projects with larger scopes with equipment outside of their existing fleets to help grow and scale their operations.

Our experienced service technicians are prepared to be deployed to your job site and can perform next-day service with 24-hour advance notice. RPI Equipment’s third-party service techs can perform repairs, order OEM parts, conduct professional lubricant analyses, and keep your equipment in top operating shape to avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or failure.

We pride ourselves in keeping our entire fleet well-maintained, and you can trust that your rigs are in top shape when you rent from RPI Equipment.

Our success relies on our client’s success, and we strive to remain an industry leader in the drill and pile-driving rental and purchase market.

Call (856)-456-0081 or contact us online to get your free quote and discover the RPI difference today!

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