Utilizing CZM Drill Rigs in Energy Infrastructure Projects

Drill Rigs in Infrastructure Improvements

As infrastructure systems across the United States near the end of their lifespan, the federal government has allocated $40 billion to improve, repair, or update these systems to ensure public safety and breakdowns in the supply chain. Many of these projects require drill rig operators to gain access to equipment that is tailored to their site’s unique geotechnical conditions and engineering requirements. CZM EK drill rigs offer solutions designed to accommodate small projects with site restrictions to large public/private projects of even the largest scale.

CZM drill rigs are manufactured in the United States and remain an industry-leading drilling solution with rugged durability and reliable performance in even the harshest soil conditions.

Whether you are looking to purchase a CZM drill rig or exploring CZM EK rental options for your next infrastructure project, having the right equipment from day one is the best way to keep any project on track and avoid costly downtime or breakdowns in scheduled milestones.

CZM EK125 Short Mast Drill Rig

Urban and Rural Infrastructure Projects

Drilling projects in both rural and urban settings have unique demands and require identifying the proper equipment for the job before you break ground. Rural projects can present significant issues with transportation, and equipment should be inspected on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to prevent breakdowns and expensive downtime.

Urban projects may have local regulations in place that prohibit using larger drilling rigs and require operators to rent a CZM EK65 that can comply with any mandates regarding vibration, noise pollution, or emissions. Urban projects may also have restrictions on what time of day drilling can start on a job site.

Before you start identifying the proper drilling rig for your next project, consider the job site’s location and make sure you rent a drilling rig that is suited to your environment. If you’re considering purchasing a drill rig, explore local equipment vendors that may have used drilling rigs for sale, which can offer considerable savings when compared to buying a new drill rig.

Updating Infrastructure

Updating Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure presents one of the most significant safety issues for citizens across the nation and is not just applicable to transportation systems like bridges and highways. Electrical grids can break down, leaving towns and cities without power for days.

Updating these systems presents a lucrative opportunity for drill rig operators, and these projects can allow firms to grow and scale their operations with public/private partnerships.

Infrastructure projects require drilling rigs that offer dynamic solutions, and many operators fill gaps in their fleet by utilizing local equipment vendors that offer competitive prices on drill rig rental or purchase.

Renewable Energy

As the demand and desire for renewable energy sources like solar power increases, installing new transmission and power lines to transport this power to urban and rural electrical grids is an in-demand service for drill rig operators. One of the best ways for operators to successfully bid and complete these projects is by renting a drill rig. Drill rig rental offers a dynamic solution and allows drilling rig operators to gain access to the latest drill rig technology without the costs or logistics associated with fleet management.

Because wind farms and solar arrays require large tracts of land, transferring this renewable energy to grids has increased the demand for newly constructed transmission and power lines. Drilling foundations for these systems need dynamic drill rigs that can accommodate low clearances and operate under existing structures without damaging them or creating dangerous working conditions for crews on the site.

The RPI Difference

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment is an industry leader and believes in competitive pricing, transparent communication, and offering the highest level of customer service. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our entire fleet of well-maintained drilling rigs and identify the proper equipment for projects of any scope. We can also help you examine financing options to help grow and scale your operation without significant upfront capital investment.

Our experienced service technicians can perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot, and inspect all technical systems to ensure your equipment is in top shape and help you avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown. We also offer third-party soil analyses to help save costs associated with excessive oil or lubricant changes. Our technicians can be deployed to your site for next-day service calls with 24-hour advance notice to help contractors and operators avoid costly downtime and keep crews in the field.

RPI Equipment believes in transparent communication and providing our clients with the highest level of customer service to keep every project on track.

As drill rig technology and manufacturing advances and rig operators and contractors need access to the latest equipment to get their job to the finish line, we update and maintain our entire fleet to help you get the job done right.

Call 856-456-0081 or contact us online today to discover the RPI Equipment difference!

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