FeedSpot.com: RPI Ranks Among the Top Drilling Industry Blogs and Websites for 2023

FeedSpot Ranking

According to Feedspot, RPI Equipment’s experience, expertise, and knowledge continue to set us apart in the digital landscape. Feedspot analyzes web performance across platforms and specializes in highlighting top performers that enhance the quality of web content.

At RPI Equipment, one of our top priorities is providing users with thoughtful insights into the current drilling rig rental industry, including trends, drill rig buyer’s guides, and forecasts to help drill rig operators gain access to the latest news and information from a trusted source.

We understand that purchasing a new CZM drill rig requires significant analysis to make the right choice when investing substantial amounts of capital. Feedspot is the world’s largest database of blogs, and RPI Equipment has ranked in the top 10 of their latest group of the best drilling rig resources on the internet.

As the drill rig rental & purchase industries continue to be transformed by technological advances allowing operators to gain access to equipment from the top manufacturers in the United States like CZM and Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC). RPI has provided the highest level of guidance and competitive pricing for over fifty years and remains committed to transparent communication and helping our clients gain access to equipment that is tailored to their specific needs.

Filling gaps in existing fleets by renting a drill rig is one of the most effective ways for operators to stay dynamic and complete a wide range of projects, from federal infrastructure jobs to deep foundation drilling. At RPI Equipment, we strive to provide information that operators can utilize as they begin to explore their drill rig rental or purchase solutions.

Our dedication to being one of the best resources for operators looking to buy a used drill rig continues to let us stand out as a leading voice and provide information to help operators identify the best drill rig to add to their fleet or rent for a specific project.

Explore our full line of CZM drill rigs for rental or purchase, and contact us today to discover the RPI difference.

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