Identifying the Right CZM Rigs

CZM Drill Rigs - EK65SM

CZM rigs have remained one of the most trusted manufacturers of American-made, high-quality drilling rigs and pile drivers for more than fifty years, from the EK65 short mast drill to the EK125 pile driver.

RPI Equipment is a licensed vendor of CZM machinery, and our partnership allows us to offer our clients access to these rigs with flexible rental and purchase solutions as well as provide comprehensive third-party service solutions to help avoid costly downtime and keep crews in the field.

Depending on the scope of a project and geotechnical specifications, CZM has designed drill rigs tailored to every project, and their heritage of innovation and experience makes them one of the most respected producers of drill rigs and pile drivers.

The EK Series of CZM Rigs

The CZM EK series of drilling rigs are designed to handle projects of any scope and tailored to unique geotechnical conditions as well as other site restrictions, including low clearances, adjacent structures, or existing overhead systems, including transmission and power lines.

The EK series comes with a rig of varying degrees of power, from smaller drills like the EK65 to powerful rigs, including the CZM EK300 and CZM EK260.

CZM drill rigs are ideally suited for a wide range of operations, including federal infrastructure projects like improving roads and highways, deep foundations associated with large construction projects, secant wall construction, jet grouting, and soil mixing.

EK125HH Pile Driver

The CZM EK125HH pile driver is mounted on a next-gen CAT 323 base and can be deployed in a single load to help reduce transportation costs and logistics management. The free-fall hydraulic hammer is able to achieve the desired bearing capacity with variable driving precision and accuracy.

The CZM EK125HH is one of the most efficient pile drivers on the market and helps reduce maintenance costs without sacrificing power.

The EK12HH remains one of the most popular drill rigs on the market and is in considerable demand, so it’s imperative for operators to ensure the availability for their upcoming projects.

Filling Gaps in Existing Inventory

Renting a CZM drill rig or pile driver is the best solution when it comes to filling gaps in operators existing equipment fleet and offers the flexibility many firms desire when it comes to sourcing their equipment without the need for vast storage lots or expensive carrying costs and maintenance fees.

Many operators choose to rent a CZM drill rig to augment their existing fleet instead of buying a new CZM drill rig. Most operators specialize in a specific niche of the wider drilling industry. As they begin to grow and bid on projects outside of their normal scope, they should explore renting a CZM drill that is tailored to their needs before purchasing a used CZM drill rig or financing a new CZM drilling rig.

Purchasing Pre-Owned CZM Rigs vs. Rental Solutions

As firms grow their operations and expand their fleet, one of the best solutions is to purchase a used CZM drill rig from a trusted local equipment vendor. Buying a used CZM drilling rig offers considerable savings when compared to purchasing a new EK65 auger.

Another consideration many operators begin to explore as they examine purchasing a used CZM rig is the considerable flexibility offered by renting a CZM drill that is tailored to their projects’ specific engineering requirements and soil conditions.

Our experienced and expert sales department is prepared to help operators explore our well-stocked fleet of professionally maintained pile-driving rigs, drilling rigs, vibratory hammers, clamshell buckets, and other heavy equipment for their upcoming projects.

We work with operators and contractors to help them explore flexible financing solutions that enable them to grow and scale their operations without costly upfront investments to help them maintain profitability as their firm evolves.

Our in-house service techs are able to be deployed to your job site for next-day service with a 24-hour advance notice for a service request to keep your project on track.

Another advantage offered by our experienced service technicians is that they are prepared to conduct preventative maintenance, troubleshoot any new or ongoing issues, and will inspect all mechanical systems to ensure that your equipment is in full operational shape and help you avoid costly downtime due to equipment malfunction or breakdowns in technological equipment.

RPI Equipment’s service team can also offer third-party soil analyses to help reduce costs associated with unnecessary oil or lubricant changes based on time schedules, not lab-driven or in-situ data.

CZM Rigs Servicing

Help Identifying the Right CZM Rigs for Your Projects

RPI Equipment prides itself on updating and maintaining our entire fleet to help ensure all equipment is working properly and ready to be deployed to your site, and as a recognized expert within the drill rig industry according to FeedSpot’s list of best drilling rig blogs we are in great position to help you select the best CZM rigs for your projects.

As drill rig technology continues to develop and improve, drilling operators need access to the most advanced equipment to get their projects done on time without issues caused by equipment malfunction.

We also offer used CZM drill rigs and pile drivers for sale as our fleet continues to expand, and we liquidate existing inventory to make space for new CZM rigs.

Call (856)-456-0081 or contact us online and take advantage of the RPI Equipment difference today!

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