The Primary Advantages of Renting a CZM Drill Rig

Renting a CZM Drill Rig

As the demand for high-quality drilling rigs from trusted manufacturers like CZM increases, renting a CZM drill rig or similar equipment can be a challenging proposition as more federal infrastructure projects and public/private sector partnerships emerge.

The federal government has allocated $40 billion to update and repair aging infrastructure, and many operators need to rent a CZM EK65 to handle the unique requirements presented by these projects due to existing site restrictions, including existing transmission and power lines, adjacent structures, or low clearances in the case of bridge and highway repairs.

Another advantage of renting a powerful CZM drill rig is that it gives operators the ability to work with a rig before buying a new CZM rig that may not meet their existing or projected needs in the future.

Equipment Tailored to Specific Requirements

Though no two projects are identical, one thing remains the same in every project: having the right drilling rig for the job. Renting a CZM rig that is tailored to your project’s unique needs, from specific engineering requirements to varying geotechnical conditions, is paramount to success.

Work with a trusted vendor to gain access to a full inventory of CZM drill rigs for rent to ensure availability for your upcoming drilling project as demand for high-quality CZM drill rigs for rent increases during the spring and summer.

Having access to equipment that is designed specifically for the scope, engineering requirements, and soil conditions presents one of the primary benefits of renting a CZM drill rig as operators look to take on new projects.

CZM EK160 Drill Rig

Access to a Full Fleet

Maintaining a full fleet of drill rigs presents considerable challenges for drill operators, which is why many choose to rent a CZM drill rig instead of purchasing a new CZM drilling rig.

Logistics management requires a significant financial commitment that includes transportation costs, storage yards, and increased staff which is in short order due to labor shortages across the nation, particularly in the construction industry.

Also, maintaining equipment to avoid costly breakdown or malfunction requires additional service techs that are trained to repair CZM drill rigs.

Advantages of Renting a CZM Drill Rig

Renting a CZM drill rig offers numerous advantages as operators grow their operations and need to fill gaps in their fleet. Another benefit of renting a CZM EK165 is that it gives operators access to well-maintained equipment without the need for carrying storage costs when the rig is not deployed in the field.

CZM drill rig rental also offers a dynamic solution that allows operators to bid on projects requiring equipment outside of their regular fleet. This can include specialized equipment that is designed for a wide variety of geotechnical conditions, from loose aggregates to solid rock.

The CZM EK series of drills represents a cutting-edge blend of technology, precision, and trusted heritage to present one of the best lines of drill rigs on the American market.

CZM EK160 Ultra Short Mast Drill

CZM’s Trusted Reputation

CZM has been a trusted manufacturer of rugged drilling rigs for over fifty years and continues to remain an innovative leader with a focus on advanced technology blended with decades of experience producing some of the most respected drill rigs that are made in the USA of high-quality components and materials.

CZM employs leading engineers that continue to refine their equipment and provide operators with drill rigs that allow them to focus on their projects without worrying about equipment malfunction or breakdown.

The CZM EK series of drilling rigs are among the most popular pieces of drilling equipment on the market today and continue to set a precedent for competitors. CZM drill rigs offer efficient operation that reduces operational costs along with simple deployment methods for easy transportation logistics and installation in the field.

Renting a CZM Drill Rig from a Trusted Vendor

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