Navigating Sites with Clearance Restrictions, Narrow Corridors, or Varied Geotechnical Specifications

Navigating Sites with Clearance Restrictions, Narrow Corridors, or Varied Geotechnical Specifications

The need for rigs that can accommodate sites with existing overhead structures, including transmission and power lines, bridges, solar panels, or other varied geotechnical specifications, has increased in recent years, and demand for pile drivers and drill rigs that can navigate these sites continues to grow in 2023.

The increased demand for solar power requires new transmission and power line installation and updating existing structures to power towns and cities across the nation.

These projects often present unique challenges that are prohibitive to traditional drill rigs and require machines that are more compact and nimble, which gives operators the ability to navigate tight spaces or operate on varied geotechnical specifications.

Federal Infrastructure Improvements

The federal government has committed $40 billion to update, improve, and install new infrastructure systems across the nation as existing transportation and energy structures near the end of their engineered lifespan.

These public/private partnerships represent lucrative opportunities for operators. However, they may not have equipment that can navigate these site conditions, so they need to examine filling gaps in their existing fleets by renting a CZM drill rig.

Most infrastructure in the United States was designed with a fifty-year lifespan and installed between the 1950s and 1970s, which means it’s critical to update these systems to ensure public safety and avoid breakdowns in the supply chain.

Equipment Tailored to Smaller Projects with Varied Geotechnical Specifications

It’s essential to have equipment that is designed for your project’s specific engineering requirements, geotechnical specifications, and load-bearing necessities. CZM has been manufacturing the highest-quality drill rigs from the best components and remains an innovative leader that thoughtfully blends technology with rugged strength using real-world experience based on decades of expertise.

Having access to a full fleet of rigs is essential to having the right equipment for projects of every scope, though many operators need to rent a pile driver or drill rig before committing to purchasing a new CZM drill rig.

CZM EK65 - Geotechnical Specifications

CZM EK65 Rig

The CZM EK65 remains a reliable cable crowd drilling rig that is among the most popular drills for rent or purchase on the market today. One of the main advantages of renting a CZM EK65 is that it allows operators to fill gaps in their existing fleet without investing in new equipment before it makes financial sense for their firm.

Another advantage of the CZM EK65 is that its compact design makes it ideal for sites with narrow corridors and site restrictions.

Renting a CZM EK65 also allows for rapid deployment in a single load which reduces transportation costs and logistics management enabling operators to focus on their project without worrying about getting equipment to their site.

Solar Array Installation

As the demand for renewable energy sources increases, the need for large solar arrays has become a top priority across America, and installing these photovoltaic panels requires equipment that can deliver precise accuracy and meet the extensive daily demand for driving piles across vast areas.

Rigs like the HMC STR20 are designed specifically for solar pile installation and feature remote-control capabilities that allow operators to simultaneously prepare the next pile while completing the previous pile installation.

Trusted Guidance and Service for Varied Geotechnical Specifications

Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team will help operators explore our fully stocked fleet of professionally maintained pile-driving rigs, drilling rigs, vibratory hammers, clamshell buckets, and other heavy equipment for their next project.

We collaborate with operators and contractors to help them examine flexible financing solutions to enable them to grow and scale their operations without significant upfront investments to help them maintain profitability as their firm expands.

Our in-house service technicians are able to be deployed to your job site for next-day service with a 24 hour advance notice for a service request to keep your project on schedule.

Another advantage offered by our experienced service technicians is that they are prepared to perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot any new or ongoing problems, and can inspect all mechanical systems to ensure that your equipment is in top operational shape to help you avoid costly downtime due to equipment malfunction or breakdowns in technological components.

RPI Equipment’s service team also offers third-party soil analyses to help reduce costs associated with unnecessary oil or lubricant changes based on time schedules, not lab-driven or in-situ data.

RPI Equipment prides itself on updating and maintaining our entire fleet and ensures that all of our equipment is working properly and ready to be deployed to your site as soon as possible.

As drill rig and pile driver technology continue to develop and improve to keep pace with the demand within the industry, drilling operators need access to the most advanced equipment to get their projects done on time without issues caused by equipment malfunction or the need for extensive repairs.

We also offer used CZM drill rigs and pile drivers for sale. As our fleet continues to grow, we liquidate existing inventory to make space for new equipment.

Call (856)-456-0081 or contact us online and experience the RPI Equipment difference today!

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