The Versatility of CZM Drill Rig Rental Options

Drill Rig Rental - CZM E65SM

Increasing demand and decreased manufacturing have made filling gaps in existing fleets an issue for many drill rig operators in recent years, as producers like CZM maintain the quality of their rigs and utilize the best materials to deliver thoughtfully designed rigs like the CZM EK65. Drill rig rental remains one of the most flexible ways for drill rig operators to meet the demands of their project’s soil conditions and engineering requirements without having to invest in buying a new CZM drill rig.

Another benefit of drill rig rental is that it allows operators the ability to gain access to specialized equipment for individual projects and avoid carrying, transportation, storage, and maintenance costs.

Using Drill Rig Rental to Tailor for Specific Demands

One of the most significant advantages of renting a CZM drill rig like the EK90 is that renting a drill rig allows them to gain access to equipment that is not too powerful for their specific engineering requirements but is also strong enough to handle their site’s unique geotechnical conditions.

Most operators focus on a specific niche, and when they begin to expand their operations need to rent a drill rig tailored to their new projects, which they may need to have in their existing fleet.

No two drilling projects present the same challenges, and experienced operators understand the importance of having equipment that is tailored to their project’s specific demands.

Increased Demand

Demand for renting CZM rigs is continuing to increase significantly as federal infrastructure projects break ground. With $40 billion allocated by the federal government to update, repair, and replace existing infrastructure across the nation, these projects present a lucrative opportunity for operators to gain access to these public/private sector collaborations.

These projects have increased the demand for drilling rigs, and having access to this equipment before you break ground is essential to keeping a project’s schedule and avoiding costly delays.

Working with a trusted local equipment vendor can give operators the ability to schedule a timeline for their CZM drill rental and make sure the necessary equipment they need will be available before their project is intended to kick off.

Drill Rig Rental - CZM EK160SM

Trusted Manufacturing for Over 50 Years

CZM has been proudly manufacturing some of the most trusted drill rigs and pile drivers for more than five decades and remains one of the most respected producers of heavy equipment globally.

The blend of advanced technology with proven engineering and experience combined with their robust manufacturing systems have proven CZM to be one of the top producers of drilling rigs and pile drivers year after year.

CZM’s experienced engineering team continues to innovate and refine the drilling equipment and pile-driving industry. Rigs from the EK series remain some of the most popular drills on the market to this day.

Drill Rig Rental Reduces Logistics Management and Storage Cost

As operations grow and operators build their own fleets, they may face significant costs associated with logistics management and storing CZM rigs which require specific yards to keep equipment from being damaged when it is not deployed in the field.

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment has remained a leading voice in the changing and growing drilling industry. We strive to provide competitive pricing with transparent communication and offer the highest level of customer service while retaining a focus on giving our clients the expertise and assistance they deserve.

Our knowledgeable sales department is able to help operators explore our well-stocked fleet of professionally maintained pile-driving rigs, drilling rigs, vibratory hammers, clamshell buckets, and other heavy equipment for their next project.

We also work with operators and contractors to help them examine flexible financing options that allow them to grow and scale their operations without significant upfront investment to help them maintain profitability as the industry evolves.

Our in-house service technicians can be deployed to your job site for next-day service within 24 hours of a service request.

An additional advantage offered by our experienced service technicians is that they are prepared to conduct preventative maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and inspect all mechanical systems to ensure your equipment is in full operational shape and help you avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown in technological equipment.

RPI Equipment’s service team also offers third-party soil analyses to help reduce costs associated with excessive oil or lubricant changes based on time schedules, not lab-driven or in-situ data analytics.

Trusted Industry Experience for Over 50 Years

As drill rig technology continues to change and develop, drilling operators need access to the latest equipment to get their projects done on time the first time. RPI Equipment updates and maintains our entire fleet to help ensure all equipment is working correctly and ready to be deployed to your site. We also offer used CZM drill rigs for sale as our fleet continues to expand, and we liquidate existing inventory to make space for new CZM drill rigs.

Call (856)-456-0081 or contact us online to discover the RPI Equipment difference now!

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