Benefits of Renting A Side Grip Vibro Hammer

Benefits of Renting A Side Grip Vibro Hammer

A side grip vibro hammer is among the most effective and versatile pieces of equipment in today’s market. They offer a flexible solution that requires less crew and can be mounted on an excavator, unlike traditional rigs, which require cranes and other large equipment.

As aging infrastructure needs repair and replacement across the nation, many operators and contractors are bidding on these projects and discovering the benefit of side grip vibro hammers that can operate on sites with clearance restrictions, existing structures, or require driving pile under transmission or power lines.

Grow and Scale Your Firm

Purchasing a side grip vibratory hammer may be financially unfeasible for small or medium-sized firms. Exploring side grip hammer rental options often allow contractors and operators the opportunity to bid on jobs even if their current fleet doesn’t contain the right equipment.

As firms grow and scale their business, they often find the flexibility associated with renting side grip vibro hammers advantageous.

Try Before You Buy

Another benefit of renting a side grip hammer is that it allows operators to familiarize themselves with the equipment before deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on purchasing a side grip vibro hammer. This ability can save operators significant amounts of capital and help them avoid the churn caused by selling used equipment.

Renting a side-grip vibratory hammer lets operators gain access to the latest technology without significant upfront investments.

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Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

Due to the nature of pile installation and excavation, side clamp vibro hammers undergo a great deal of strain during their lifetime. While thorough preventative maintenance and regular inspections can help increase a side grip hammer’s lifespan, at some point, costly repairs or expensive downtime can occur due to malfunction, breakdown, or a lack of available OEM parts.

Renting a side clamp vibro hammer also reduces the costs associated with ongoing maintenance, lubricant changes, and expensive repairs in the event of mechanical breakdown. Heavy equipment maintenance represents some of the more costly aspects encountered in the pile driving industry, and renting a side grip vibratory hammer can help reduce these costs.

Reduce Carrying Costs During Downtime

Storage yards, transportation, and maintenance costs are all a factor for a firm’s profit margin, and by renting side grip vibratory hammers, operators can reduce their overall equipment costs. Depending on your specialty, you may not need a side grip hammer for every phase of your project, and if this is the case, renting a side clamp vibro hammer makes more sense than having expensive equipment sit by idly.

When equipment is not deployed in the field, it can present numerous ongoing expenses, including maintenance, financing payments, insurance, and more. By renting a side clamp, vibratory hammer operators are only liable to carry the financial burden while the rig is in their possession.

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Gain Access to A Full Side Grip Vibro Hammer Fleet

One of the primary benefits of choosing to rent a side grip vibro hammer is that it gives operators and contractors the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of equipment without dealing with fleet management and logistics. Maintaining a full fleet of equipment is often not an option for many contractors or operators, and renting a side grip vibro hammer can allow them the financial freedom they need to keep their operations profitable.

When you consult with a local vendor, you also gain access to years of expertise which can help you identify the right equipment tailored to your project’s unique demands, geotechnical reports, budget, and the scope of the job.

Side Grip Vibro Hammer Provider & Servicer

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment remains dedicated to transparent communication, competitive pricing, and providing the highest level of customer service in the heavy equipment rental and purchase market. Our expert team of knowledgeable salespeople is here to help operators explore their options from our well-maintained fleet of pile-driving rigs, drilling rigs, vibro hammers, and accessories. We can also help small and medium firms grow and scale their operations with our financing options that can give them access to the equipment they need without significant upfront capital investment.

If you’re looking to rent side grip vibro hammers, you should consult with a local vendor that can help you explore your options and find the exact equipment you need based on your project’s scope, budget, and geotechnical conditions.

Our experienced service team can help keep your project on track in the event of equipment malfunction or breakdown to help avoid costly downtime. We can perform next-day service calls on your site with 24-hour advance notice and can help order and install OEM parts to help keep all warranties intact. Our technicians can also perform third-party lubricant analyses with professional inspections to help avoid unnecessary oil or grease changes to help reduce lubricant costs and save operators time and money.

At RPI, our success relies on our partner’s success, and we strive to remain an industry leader. Call or contact us online to discover the RPI Equipment difference today!

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