Advantages of Excavator Mounted Impact Hammers in Difficult Soil Conditions

Advantages of Excavator Mounted Impact Hammers in Difficult Soil Conditions

Excavator mounted impact hammers offer powerful driving capabilities with increased versatility and is a dynamic solution. Piling projects with site restrictions, local regulations about noise or pollution, and dense, cohesive soils.

Not only do these side grip impact hammers offer powerful driving capabilities, but they can also be operated by a crew as small as two with a single excavator. Because of their compact footprint, they are ideal for urban projects, including civil infrastructure and commercial development.

A side clamp hydraulic pile driver also increases efficiency by utilizing the excavator’s existing power system. This capability reduces variable costs like fuel when working with an excavator mounted pile driver.

Excavator Mounted Impact Hammers & Dense Cohesive Soils

Dense, cohesive soils offer greater shear strength and consist of microscopic particles held together with water and can be subject to shrinking or swelling depending on the weather conditions.

This can cause significant issues when driving piles to load bearing and refusal depth. Footings need to be designed to resist shifting or deformation caused by swelling or shrinking.

During the driving process, gaps can be created due to pile’ wobble,’ and an excavator mounted impact hammer can mitigate the risk of these gaps forming during the installation process.

Most Effective Solution for Driving Load Bearing Piles

Unlike traditional pile driving rigs which require large crews and can present significant financial burdens, including labor costs, and variable costs like fuel, transportation, and lubricants. Load bearing piles are installed in deep foundation projects, and an excavator mounted hydraulic impact hammer.

Using a side grip hydraulic impact hammer can save operators time and money when compared to a traditional impact hammer rig. They are also well suited to job sites that have local, state, or federal regulations on emissions, noise pollution, or disturbing the soil of adjacent properties, which can lead to foundation damage in urban or historical settings.

Pile Driving to Greater Depths

Depending on engineering specifications and soil borings, piles may need to be driven to more significant depths. The MOVAX DH impact hammer can be used in conjunction with an excavator mounted MOVAX leader mast to increase pile lengths and drive to greater depths.

When renting a hydraulic piling rig or hydraulic pile hammer, you should work with a local vendor who can help confirm availability and ensure that the equipment is suited to your project’s specific demands.

On projects where refusal or practical refusal requires driving longer piles, the leader mast allows the versatility and flexibility operators need to get the job done.

Decrease Levels of Soil Displacement and Disturbance

The MOVAX DH series of impact and vibratory hammers has become one of the most effective solutions for projects that need to minimize soil displacement when driving piles that are adjacent to existing structures.

Complying with all local, state, and federal regulations and ordinances will help operators avoid costly fines, stop work orders, and expensive downtime. This damage can also lead to significant damage that leaves the operator liable for the repairs.

Renting Excavator Mounted Impact Hammers

This is one of the best solutions for most rig operators who don’t want to maintain a full fleet of pile driving equipment. Fleet management presents numerous logistical issues, and renting a hydraulic impact hammer can help a contractor gain access to equipment that is tailored to their project’s needs and specific demands.

Renting pile driving hammers also helps operators save money on preventative maintenance and repairs. Another benefit of pile driving equipment rental is that vendors rely on your success for their success and will keep all of their equipment properly maintained and in good working order.

Depending on the pile material, renting a hydraulic impact hammer allows operators to drive a wide range of pile types for projects with larger scopes like transmission and power lines, solar panel arrays, and larger civil infrastructure projects. This equipment is now equipped with powerful technology that can deliver unprecedented accuracy, which is becoming increasingly necessary for today’s piling projects.

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Our knowledgeable sales team believes in transparency, dedication, and integrity. Our experienced service technicians can often make onsite repairs and offer next-day service with 24-hour advance. We can troubleshoot, order parts, and perform repairs to keep your crews in the field and your project on track.

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