Considering Buying a Drilling Rig? Weigh These Options

Considering Buying a Drilling Rig? Weigh These Options

In the drilling industry, updating your fleet is an inevitability that many operators don’t look forward to, but with the proper considerations, planning, and exploring equipment that is tailored to their specific niche, many firms can help find the right rig like a CZM EK125 that will help them grow their operations. When buying a drilling rig, the most important consideration is balancing power with accuracy, the project’s goals, and identifying a rig that will complement a firm’s existing fleet without being redundant.

Choosing a Trusted Manufacturer When Buying a Drilling Rig

Top manufacturers like CZM continue to employ leading engineering teams that design and develop innovative drill rigs like the CZM EK160 equipped with Cat Vision Link technology that allows for remote monitoring to enable operators to monitor multiple rigs deployed in different sites effectively.

CZM remains a trusted leader in the drill rig manufacturing industry and has been providing operators with high-quality machinery since 1967 and RPI is ready to help operators explore our entire fleet of CZM rigs available for rental or purchase.

Equipment for Specialized Projects

Many projects that most operators encounter will present unique challenges, from existing overhead structures like transmission and power lines to hars geotechnical specifications that require rigs that are equipped to handle these particular issues. Rigs like the CZM EK65 feature a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice power and is proudly made in the USA. The CZM EK 65 is one of the most popular short mast drill rigs on the market today. It gives operators another level of control for projects in the federal infrastructure energy, which is growing significantly in recent years as aging systems near the end of their lifespan. The federal government has allocated more than $40 billion to update and improve these systems, and these public/private opportunities offer some of the most lucrative drilling jobs available.

Rental Solutions

For many firms and operators, renting a drill rig often allows them to gain access to reliable equipment that can fill gaps in their existing fleets without committing to purchasing a new CZM drill rig. Another advantage to renting a CZM drilling rig is that it gives operators reduced costs in logistics like storage and maintenance.

For over fifty years, RPI Equipment’s knowledge and expertise sets our sales team apart, and we strive to continually provide our clients with the highest level of customer service. We are prepared to collaborate with CZM drill rig operators to explore our fully stocked fleet of professionally maintained CZM and HMC pile-driving rigs, CZM drilling rigs, MOVAX SideGrip® vibratory hammersclamshell buckets, and other heavy equipment that allow operators to complete projects of any scope.

Buying a Drilling Rig: The RPI Difference

RPI Equipment can also offer competitive in-house financing options that allow firms to grow and scale their operations without significant upfront capital investments that can impact profit margins as their workload expands and equipment prices and variable costs increase.

RPI Equipment’s highly trained and experienced in-house service team is ready to be deployed to any job site for next-day service calls with as little as a 24-hour advance notice to ensure that every project stays on track and avoid costly downtime due to equipment malfunction, mechanical breakdown, or time spent waiting on OEM replacement parts.

A primary advantage offered by our experienced service techs is that they are trained and able to conduct preventative maintenance, identify new or ongoing issues, perform professional third-party inspections on all mechanical systems to ensure that all machinery is in top operational shape, and help operators develop daily, weekly, and monthly inspection checklists.

RPI Equipment’s service team offers third-party oil analyses to manage the high costs associated with excessive oil, lubricant, or grease changes based on time schedules, not lab-driven or in-situ data or manufacturer recommendations.

RPI Equipment prides itself on maintaining our entire fleet to ensure that each rig is working properly and ready to be deployed to your site to start new projects and avoid delays in deployment that can impact budgets and schedules.

New advances in drill rig and pile driver technology continue to shape the industry as technology continues to emerge to keep pace with demands. Drilling operators can gain access to the most technologically advanced CZM, HMC, and MOVAX equipment available to get their jobs done on time without any issues caused by equipment malfunction or the need for expensive repairs, which can remove crews from the field and negatively impact schedules and budgets.

RPI Equipment also frequently offers pre-owned CZM drill rigs and HMC pile drivers for sale with competitive prices as our fleet grows. We regularly offer used inventory for sale to make space for new equipment giving operators access to CZM rigs at considerable savings compared to purchasing a new CZM rig or HMC SideClamp® hammer.

One of the leading voices in the industry, RPI Equipment remains dedicated to giving our clients the latest updates, news, and insights as the market continues to develop and evolve.

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