Advantages of Self-Contained Track Rigs for Solar Piling Projects

Self-Contained Track Rigs

As federal subsidies and grant programs make solar energy production increasingly popular, contractors and operators are discovering the benefits of self-contained track rigs like the Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) STR20. Due to the unique challenges and demands of solar array pile driving projects, these versatile rigs deliver robust power with a compact design that can accommodate site restrictions like low clearances and existing structures, including transmission and power lines, and deliver GPS-powered accuracy.

Self-contained track rigs are among the most popular pieces of pile driving equipment available for solar array installation projects. Because these projects require more versatile, accurate, and dynamic solutions, rigs like the HMC STR20 can help meet the tight deadlines and site restrictions associated with solar piling jobs. Due to the vast expanses associated with solar arrays, operators need equipment that can perform in a wide variety of geotechnical conditions without sacrificing power or accuracy.

Variable Attachments on Self-Contained Track Rigs

Perhaps one of the most attractive elements of the HMC STR20 is the ease of switching the attachments between an impact hammer, a vibratory driver extractor (which can drive or remove piles), and an auger. Also, depending on site conditions, the ability to drive variable-length piles is crucial to adapting to the conditions and remaining agile during every phase of the project.

These attachments can be swapped in as little as ten minutes to allow for quick, efficient operations to keep any project on track and avoid delays due to equipment adjustments. Also, the ability of the mast to make adjustments instead of the tracks increases driving time and can help contractors and operators meet the demand for vast solar array piles. The mast of the HMC STR20 is not based on an arc which is advantageous when creating a grid.

Modern Technology for Remote Monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor a rig’s performance is one of the most significant technological advances seen in the pile-driving industry in years. Not only can superintendents monitor a rig’s performance remotely, but this also allows them to oversee numerous sites without having to travel to them daily. Also, it can give operators and contractors the ability to evaluate performance and get ahead of any potential malfunctions or breakdowns that can lead to expensive repairs or downtime.

This technology makes rigs like the STR20 among the most advanced pile drivers on the market. Another technological advantage found on these rigs is the auto-controls that ensure accurate piling every time. Auto-plumb and auto-level also increase the speed with which operators can drive pile, helping reduce project timelines and increasing efficiency.

You can even upload existing plans to reduce surveying time and ensure that piles are driven to exact depths, angles, and locations with complete accuracy. Removing the guesswork associated with driving solar array piles not only increases accuracy but it rapidly speeds up the process allowing operators to focus on the task at hand and deliver accurately driven piles.

Due to the vast scale of solar piling projects, the ability to increase accuracy while reducing time is crucial to the success of a project. These rigs can even be operated remotely, giving operators another level of efficiency and flexibility when compared to traditional pile-driving rigs.

Accuracy Across Varied Soil Conditions

From soft soils to heavy clays and other harsh soil conditions, the ability to have a single rig that can tackle any ground is an attractive solution when compared to deploying multiple rigs to a single job site.

Another important consideration when considering a rig like the STR20 is that its GPS-powered arm can offer the precise accuracy that is required for installing solar arrays. This combination of precision and power make this one of the most attractive rigs on the market today.

With single-load deployment, self-contained track rigs can be in the field quickly with lower transportation costs and fewer fleet logistics.

A Trusted Partner for Self-Contained Track Rigs

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