Clean Energy Projections for 2023

Clean Energy Projections

As public demand and advances in technology have made clean energy more accessible than ever before, new infrastructure, including solar arrays as well as transmission and power lines, are critical systems that need updating or installation.

This offers an exciting new opportunity for operators to gain access to public/private sector projects to bring renewable energy to power grids across the nation. Solar array pile driving projects present particular challenges that require equipment tailored to the site’s restrictions, including the need for precise accuracy and the ability to navigate narrow corridors and low clearances.

Solar power represents 54% of the new infrastructure projects planned for the coming years and is on track to replace many traditional power plants that rely on fossil fuels. Solar energy is projected to double its capacity from the past year to 2024.

Heavy equipment manufacturers like Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) have started to design and produce equipment specifically for the projects like the HMC STR20, which is a self-contained track rig that contains advanced technology balanced with a compact design that doesn’t compromise power.

Clean Energy

New technology has made solar energy the emerging clean energy source, and vast solar arrays are being installed across the nation to bring clean energy to consumers.

The need for contractors to install these arrays has increased and represents a lucrative opportunity for operators to take on projects outside of their normal scope, and sourcing equipment for these projects can be a challenge. Many operators choose to rent an HMC STR-20 to complete these projects before buying a solar pile driver to add to their existing fleet.

Renewable energy is quickly becoming the most popular source of power across the globe, and operators looking to get in on the ground floor are discovering the opportunities available to install new solar arrays, and federal subsidies are providing funding for a variety of new projects.

Federal Support for Clean Energy Projections

The federal government is committed to installing new clean energy infrastructure, and solar power is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the United States. It is also the most affordable source of electricity, which has made it attractive to many home and business owners across the nation.

The federal government has allocated more than $40 billion to update, repair, and install new infrastructure across America. This includes new infrastructure systems like solar panel arrays and transmission and power lines.

Most infrastructure in the United States was designed with a lifespan of fifty years and installed between the 1950s and 1970s, which means it’s approaching obsolescence, and to protect citizens, the federal government is working on upgrading these systems and building new infrastructure, including transmission and power lines.

Solar Array Installation

Solar arrays present unique site challenges that traditional pile drivers may not be able to accommodate. These include low clearances and narrow corridors. One of the main benefits of rigs like the STR20, when compared to the Vermeer PD10, is that the HMC STR-20 can quickly change attachments offering an impact hammer, vibratory hammer, and auger heads.

Due to the vast areas and varying soil conditions found on solar arrays having equipment that can adapt to these variables is essential. The STR 20 is adaptable and can change functions in ten minutes to keep every project on track and crews busy in the field. The HMC STR20’s compact design also allows two rigs to be deployed on a single truck, increasing transportation time while decreasing logistics costs and management.

Equipment Tailored to Solar Piling

Pile driving rigs like the HMC STR20 are designed specifically to tackle solar array installation projects and can provide the accuracy and correct level for the individual solar panels that are engineered to harness the power of the sun with unique angles efficiently.

Ready to Support Clean Energy Projects

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