Drilling in Tough Soil Conditions

Drilling in Tough Soil Conditions

No two drilling or pile-driving jobs are the same, and every job site will have unique challenges. These are most often caused by the geotechnical specifications and can present significant issues during the early phases of any project. There are a number of considerations in evaluating a site’s soil conditions, including soil borings, test pits, and other geophysical methods.

Depending on the engineering requirements and load-bearing capabilities necessary for the project having the proper drilling rig paired with the correct auger. This soil analysis is conducted before a rig is even selected and represents an important phase of every deep foundation or pile-driving project. Using the area concept, contractors and engineers can gain a deep understanding of the site’s soil conditions.

While all soil types present their own unique challenges, drilling or piling in harsh conditions like hard clay or rock put a significant strain on rigs, hammers, and augers. Having the right equipment is essential to success when drilling tough conditions, and many operators choose to rent a drilling rig that is suited to the requirements of the job.

Evaluate Soil Conditions Through Site Visits

During the initial phases of planning, site visits are imperative to developing a proper scope and schedule based on real-life observations. Test borings should be professionally analyzed and provide a glimpse of what to expect once you break ground.

Initial observations give contractors an idea of what type of equipment is best suited to the job and allow them to begin the process of exploring their equipment options. In many cases resting a drill rig or pile driver is a more cost-effective solution than purchasing.

Preliminary depths need to be examined and confirmed to be able to support the load-bearing requirements and foundation material. Also, borings need to extend beyond the anticipated scour depths.

Defining the Area

If there are existing structures on your prospective job site, the vibrations from drilling or piling can have adverse effects. It’s important to inspect these structure to avoid causing further damage or catastrophic failure.

Once you have defined the full area for drilling or piling, you can begin to explore equipment solutions. Many operators and contractors find that renting drill rigs offers them access to a full line of equipment without the hassles of fleet management and logistics. Another attractive option for contractors as they grow their business is purchasing a used pile driver or drilling rig, which won’t come with the same upfront expenses as a new rig.

Some projects will require rigs or hammers that can accommodate a wide variety of soil conditions and terrain. For sites with challenging soil conditions, equipment should be regularly inspected to avoid costly downtime due to equipment damage or malfunction. Develop daily, weekly, and monthly inspection schedules to keep your project on track and your crews in the field.

Infrastructure Projects

As America’s roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure ages, it has become one of the most important focuses for the US Government for repair and replacement. More than $40 billion has been allocated to perform these improvements, and contractors are in great demand for these projects. Transportation infrastructure presents unique challenges, including low clearances, existing structures, and overhead transmission and power lines.

Rig operators can navigate these challenges by renting a pile rig or drill that is designed for sites with low clearances or other encumbrances. For smaller projects, an excavator-mounted vibratory hammer can provide powerful piling with a crew as small as two. This dynamic solution has become increasingly popular for its flexibility and versatility.

Larger infrastructure projects may require larger drills and pile drivers, which operators don’t have in their fleet, and renting a pile driver or drill rig is an effective solution.

Drilling Experts for Tough Soil Conditions

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