Advantages of Choosing Equipment Manufactured in the USA

Equipment manufactured in the USA

Choosing the right pile driving rig or drilling equipment requires comparing and contrasting numerous different aspects of the job you’re beginning. Some jobs like solar pile driving, infrastructure repair or replacement, or projects that have considerable site restraints like existing structures, including transmission and power lines, low clearances, or adjacent structures. Equipment manufactured in the USA by trusted producers like Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) gives owners and operators a considerable advantage while giving them the peace of mind that they are working with the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

Due to the nature of drilling and pile driving projects having the best equipment can be the difference between a successful project that stays within budget and schedule estimates and a complete breakdown of timelines and reduced profits due to expensive downtime caused by equipment failures.

The pile driving and drilling industry requires a dynamic approach to logistics management, including fleet storage and transportation. Most contractors opt to rent their heavy drilling and piling equipment instead of purchasing the bulk of their fleet, which can require significant upfront capital investments. Renting an HMC SP80 allows contractors to gain access to some of the best equipment on the market without having an employee dedicated to logistics and transportation.

High-Quality Construction and Proven Performance

When you choose equipment manufactured by a trusted company like HMC, you know that proven industry standards and high-quality materials have been used at every step of the manufacturing process. USA-based manufacturers also take pride in building the best machinery to help operators get the job done. Manufacturing firms like HMC, based in Fort Wayne, IN, also create jobs in local communities.

HMC is one of the most trusted manufacturers of side clamp vibratory hammers in the United States and is revolutionizing the industry with its SP series, especially the HMC SP80H, which can handle a wide range of projects and scopes. HMC has been manufacturing heavy equipment since 1964 and remains dedicated to producing the highest quality rigs for driving h piles, steel sheets, and pipe piles.

Better Access to OEM Replacement Parts

Waiting on replacement parts that have to be shipped overseas can cause a considerable breakdown of your project’s schedule, especially as shipping times have increased. Many operators experienced the pain of the supply chain breakdown in recent years, with shipping costs and times becoming a significant problem for customers awaiting OEM replacement parts from manufacturers located overseas.

Wear and tear is inevitable for every piece of equipment involved in pile driving or drilling. Still, with the right equipment vendor and regular maintenance, operators can keep their projects on track to avoid costly downtime and keep their crews in the field.

By choosing a side clamp vibratory hammer that is manufactured in the USA, you gain access to parts that can be shipped more rapidly and installed to manufacturer specifications to maintain warranty compliance and keep your equipment in top operating shape. The ability to gain access to OEM parts that are not subject to international shipping can be the main difference between keeping your rigs deployed or having significant schedule delays.

Purchasing or Renting Equipment Manufactured in the USA?

When contractors and operators begin to explore expanding their fleet, they may choose to rent a vibratory side clamp hammer to reduce their operating costs and gain access to a piling rig that is tailored to their project’s specific demands and site restrictions.

Many operators and contractors also prefer to rent pile driving equipment as it reduces their maintenance and transportation costs. Another advantage of renting pile drivers, vibratory hammers, and other drilling equipment and accessories is that it gives owners and operators access to a complete line of rigs without having to maintain a storage yard.

Provider of Equipment Manufactured in the USA

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment is your trusted third-party service solution. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our well-stocked fleet of professionally maintained drilling rigs, pile drivers, vibratory hammers, and accessories to pinpoint the exact equipment you need. We can also help you navigate financing options to help grow and scale your operations without significant upfront capital investments.

Our experienced service technicians provide comprehensive third-party troubleshooting, repair, and lubricant analysis and can be deployed to your job site for next-day service with 24-hour advance notice. We take pride in maintaining our entire fleet and offer preventative maintenance, and we can help order and install OEM parts in the event of mechanical malfunction or breakdown to help comply with existing manufacturer warranties. Drilling rigs and pile drivers are subject to considerable wear and tear during the course of every project, and conducting regular inspections and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly downtime and keep your crews in the field.

We believe our success relies on your success and strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Call or contact us online to get your free estimate and explore our fleet. Discover the RPI difference today!

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