Importance of Regular Maintenance and Preventative Troubleshooting

Importance of Regular Maintenance and Preventative Troubleshooting

Pile driving rigs and drilling equipment undergo a great amount of stress during everyday use. The best way to avoid damaging equipment is to conduct regular maintenance and troubleshoot mechanical systems. Another important consideration is maintaining regular logs of service, repairs, and lubricant analyses.

Heavy equipment vendors often offer the best third-party service solutions and can help with regular fleet maintenance reducing the need for an in-house service team. The difference between proactive and reactive maintenance may seem insignificant initially, and some owners and operators believe in waiting for equipment to breakdown and repairing those issues as they arise. A proactive approach to maintenance and repairs is the best way to avoid costly downtime or expensive repairs throughout every phase of a project.

Proactive maintenance schedules also make job sites safer and keep crews protected from injury in the event of a mechanical malfunction.

Remote Monitoring

Advances in technology have significantly impacted the deep foundation, drilling, and pile-driving industries, especially when it comes to servicing them. The ability to remotely monitor rigs allows owners and operators to analyze performance metrics and ensure that all systems are operating at maximum efficiency. This helps improve equipment longevity while reducing fuel and other variable costs.

The ability to monitor several rigs simultaneously offers a tremendous advantage to rig operators when they are working on large projects that cover significant areas like transportation infrastructure, solar pile installation, transmission, power line installation, and more.

Service technicians can analyze remote data to help develop a game plan for service or repairs before conducting a site visit. This insight ensures that the correct diagnosis has been made and that a proper plan is in place for ordering OEM parts and adjusting schedules according to the issue.

Benefits of Third Party Service Technicians

When you decide to partner with a third-party service provider, you gain access to a full suite of skills, experience, and expertise. These skilled technicians can help drill rig, and pile driver owners and operators assess all mechanical systems and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed.

Another advantage of third-party service providers is that they can often respond to service requests more rapidly than manufacturers. Major manufacturers like SENNEBOGEN frequently partner with local service providers like RPI Equipment to offer the best solutions for repairing and maintaining their machinery.

Forecasting Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment operating at top performance, and having the ability to inspect and forecast the need for repairs empowers owners and operators to keep their crews in the field working and avoid costly downtime.

Having realistic expectations for service, replacement parts, and repairs costs allows owners and operators to create bids and budgets that account for service and schedules that accommodate these requirements.

While every piece of drilling and piling equipment is exposed to different stresses depending on soil conditions and exposure to the elements, there are some basic tenets of preventative maintenance that every operator should follow. Working with a third-party service provider allows rig owners and operators to trust their equipment and that the repairs have been performed by a qualified technician.

The Costs of Downtime

Downtime presents one of the most costly ways for projects to break down. Not only are crews standing by idle, schedules are negatively impacted when equipment malfunctions or breaks down. Being able to get ahead of these issues is the most effective way for pile driving and drill rig operators to keep their project on track and make it a success.

When you opt to rent pile drivers or drilling rigs, you can be confident that your equipment has been well maintained and trust your vendor. Many operators and owners prefer renting drilling rigs and other heavy equipment to avoid the logistics and costs associated with fleet management, storage, and transportation.

Professional Regular Maintenance

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment believes in transparent communication, integrity, and providing our clients with the highest level of customer service, whether they are renting pile driving rigs, purchasing deep foundation augers, or utilizing our third-party service options. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our entire fleet and financing options based on your unique needs and the scope of your next project. At RPI Equipment, we believe that our success relies on our client’s success and strive to remain an industry-leading heavy equipment vendor.

Our experienced service technicians can troubleshoot, order OEM parts, and provide repairs onsite. They can be to your job and provide next-day servicing with 24-hour advance notice. We understand the costs associated with downtime and will help keep your equipment operating correctly and your crews in the field to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

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