CZM EK200 Drilling Rig

A cylinder crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT336

The EK200 is a cylinder crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT336 base. It is a popular model either as a Long Mast or Short Mast.  It is a 2 load machine, easy to set up, with the highest torque of its class. It is manufactured with a reinforced mast with high resistance Weldox 700 steel. Due to exchangeable keys, there is no need to rebuild keys by welding inside the rotary. There are 3 operation speeds and 3 spinoff speeds. It features automatic gear shifting for seamless operation and high production.

  • Kelly Bar Drilling Rig
  • 2 Load Machine, Easy Set Up
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Made in the USA. Parts and Service Readily Available


Kelly Bar, Standard Mast, Short Mast, Bottom Drive CFA
Max Drilling Depth (feet)
Drilling Diameter (inches)
20 - 132
Max Torque (ft-lbs)
Operating Weight (lbs)
CAT 336 Next Gen


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