CZM EK125 Drilling Rig

Kelly bar drilling rig mounted on CAT 323 Next Gen base

The CZM EK125 is a cylinder crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT 323 Next Gen base. It is a very popular model for several applications such as foundation drilling, powerlines, utilities, landfill and rathole. It can be easily converted from long mast to short mast. It is a completely self-erecting one-load machine for efficient and cost-effective moves. Key features include auto gear shifting for rotary and main winch, drill lock, auto crowd, auto level, and return to center. The drill is equipped with CAT Vision Link to monitor the machine remotely.

  • Kelly Bar Drill Rig
  • Mobilizes on a Single Truck
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Made in the USA. Parts and Service Readily Available


Kelly Bar, Drilled Shaft
Max Drilling Depth (feet)
Drilling Diameter (inches)
20 - 96
Max Torque (ft-lbs)
Operating Weight (lbs)
CAT 323 Next Gen


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