CZM EK250 Drilling Rig

Foundation drill rig mounted on CAT 336 New Gen base

The EK250 is a cylinder crowd drilling rig mounted on a CAT 336 Next Gen. The size and weight of the rotary and kelly bar allow for a high effective crowd force. It is built to drill large diameter, deep holes through hard rock and it is CZM's most popular machine for this application. It can be supplied as a standard or short mast configuration and is easily convertible between the two. It is capable of bottom drive CFA up to 32" diameter. The EK250 comes equipped with a service winch and CZM’s technology package which includes auto gear shifting, drill lock and auto crowd, auto level, return to center, telematics and other functions.

  • Kelly Bar Drilling Rig
  • Popular for Drilling through Hard Rock
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Made in the USA. Parts and Service Readily Available


Kelly Bar, Drilled Shaft, CFA
Max Drilling Depth (feet)
Drilling Diameter (inches)
20 - 156
Max Torque (ft-lbs)
Operating Weight (lbs)
CAT 336 Next Gen


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