How Can Renting a Hydraulic Piling Rig Can Save You Money?

RPI’s CZM EK125HH Hydraulic Hammer Pile Driving Rig for rent or sale in the yard and ready to ship.

In today’s market, labor is tough to come by. Strains on the supply chain have driven material costs up, creating a perfect storm for projects at every scale. This development has made estimating a project’s hard costs and delivering results on time and under budget even more difficult than in the past.

When you start to scope out your piling project, one of the best ways to save time and money is to utilize a hydraulic pile driving rig.

Because hydraulic pile driving rigs are more efficient than traditional setups, they reduce the time you will need for your complete rental, which is just one of the ways they save money. In fact, they can often be rented on a weekly basis, rather than a monthly basis.

RPI Equipment’s CZM EK125HH Piling Rig Driving Sheet Pile on the Ohio River

Ways Hydraulic Piling Rigs Save You Money

Piling rigs can reduce the driving time from over an hour to under 10 minutes when compared to traditional pile driving methods.

The high-efficiency ratio between striking energy and hammer weight enables lighter equipment to be used on large jobs. This efficiency is an important consideration because they also create less noise and pollution. This makes them ideal for applications in developed areas with local ordinances that often cause roadblocks when using a traditional pile driver, such as a diesel hammer.

Hydraulic piling rigs can be utilized to drive a wide variety of pile types, which makes the equipment an appealing choice when a project involves multiple pilings – including steel pipe pile, timber pile, H beams, and sheet pile.

They can also drive piles efficiently in almost any kind of soil including sand, silt, clay, peat, chalk, and loam. They can even perform in rocky conditions as well.

All-In-One Foundation Pile Driving Solution

Pile driving projects traditionally required the use of a crane, in addition to the pile driver and accessories – often including attachments such as piling leads, air compressors, hoses, and lubricators.

Pile driving rigs such as the CZM EK125HH ship completely assembled on one truck which makes them cost effective to move to your job site. They are an all-in-one solution that can be set up or broken down easily for use and transport respectively. They can also fit into smaller spaces, making them the right choice for projects with space restraints.

The bottom line is that delivering your project on time and within budget is your primary goal, and utilizing a hydraulic pile driving rig for its efficiency can reduce your crew size and equipment costs.

CZM Piling Driving Rigs

Pile driving rigs from CZM Foundation Equipment are equipped with free-fall hydraulic pile hammers which have external lift cylinders. These hammers don’t require impact reaction absorption, which make them more durable and provide the highest reliability.

Another feature of hydraulic pile driving rigs is their variable, precise drop height, and frequency. This allows you to dial in exact load-bearing capacities to ensure your project is completed to every engineering specification and won’t malfunction.

One of RPI Equipment’s piling rig rentals - the CZM EK125HH - on a job site with solar piles.

Additional Advantages of Hydraulic Piling Rigs

Hydraulic pile driving rigs can drive batter piles or plumb piles.

CZM piling driving rigs can achieve striking energy from 4,000 to 44,000 foot-pounds.

Hydraulic rigs can also be used for residential, commercial, or marine applications and can drive piles up to sixty-three feet without splicing. They are less complicated to operate than other pile driving rigs on the market, which decreases the driving time and reduces overall rental costs.

Additionally, they are highly reliable pieces of equipment that can be operated in some of the harshest conditions.

One of RPI Construction Equipment’s CZM EK125HH Hydraulic Hammer Piling Driving Rigs for rent and ready to work.

Summing It All Up

When you start developing the scope of your piling project and the associated costs, it’s imperative to explore every option to determine the best piece of equipment for your specific site requirements, budget, and engineering specifications.

With careful planning and by working with a trusted vendor, you are likely to see a successful piling job that is efficient, cost-effective, meets your deadline, and stays within the budget.

Carefully explore your project’s specific requirements and work with a trusted piling sales, service, and piling rental company to determine the best piling rig for your job.

Because hydraulic piling rigs require less setup time and are often the most cost-effective solution for many projects, this type of piling rig has become one of the most popular piling solutions on the market.

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