Pile Driving Hammers

Pile Driving Hammers

Pile driving hammers are used in a variety of construction applications for commercial, civil, and residential projects. They can be used in numerous soil conditions both onshore and offshore jobs to provide robust support for heavy loads. Pile types include Sheet piles, pipe piles, H-piles, timber piles, and concrete piles. Each has specific applications based on the engineering specifications.

A number of factors influence which pile driving hammer will be the best fit for a project, including the site location, project scope, soil conditions, and load capacity. Another consideration is local, state, and federal regulations regarding emissions and noise, which can be a significant factor for civil projects or sites in populated areas.

Also, sites with space restrictions or varied topography can influence which pile driving hammer will provide the strength and flexibility necessary to get the job done. Identifying the right equipment before the job begins will help mitigate costly downtime and manage schedules, budgets, and milestones.

These different types of pile driving hammers will deliver the power you need and can adapt to different soil and site conditions including marine applications and brackish water.

Hydraulic Pile Driving Hammers

One of the more modern types of pile driving hammers available is a hydraulic pile driving hammer. Not only are hammer piling rigs, like the CZM EK125HH, more efficient and durable, but they also comply with strict emissions regulations. They are a more environmentally friendly option than diesel hammers and create less noise, making them ideal for residential projects where noise ordinances may impact a project.

Additionally, hydraulic pile hammers can be transported in a single load which reduces freight costs. Because they are self-contained, setup is quick and easy without sacrificing power.

Also, these rigs don’t require impact reaction absorption, which makes them some of the most reliable options on the market. Hydraulic hammers are a versatile solution for driving every material from steel to concrete or timber.

Side Clamp MKT Vibratory Hammer

Side Clamp Vibratory Hammers

These hammers have become some of the most popular options for piling projects due to their robust capacity, versatility, and lower operating costs. Side clamp vibratory hammers can be run with a two-person crew consisting of a ground man, operator, and excavator.

Another benefit is that side clamp hammers come in a wide variety of sizes that match your pile size. Because of their compact design, side clamp hammers are ideal for smaller spaces or job sites that present challenging topographic features.

MKT offers hammers with driving forces ranging from 25 to 80 tons to deliver the power you need in a durable, versatile piece of piling equipment.

MKT V-5E Vibratory Hammer with Timber Clamp

Vibratory Hammers

The broader category of standard vibratory hammers can be crane or excavator mounted and provide driving forces ranging from 25 to 200 tons which make them suitable for any project. Vibratory hammers utilize weights that are counter-rotated by hydraulic power units, which cut into the soil allowing the pile to be installed.

Vibratory hammers also provide quick results for projects where time is of the essence. An added benefit is that they can be used to install or extract old piles on projects where a structure had previously been constructed.

Multiple soil conditions and marine operations are well suited for vibratory hammers, which can be used at depths of up to 3,300 feet. Vibratory hammers are commonly used to drive sheet piles to install cofferdams or crane access trestles.

They are well suited to larger commercial or civil projects with substantial scale and scope. Another consideration is that vibratory hammers can be easily serviced or repaired on the job site, reducing downtime and saving money.

MKT 10B3 Air Pile Driver

Air Pile Hammers

One of the most cost-effective and lower emission options on the market, air pile hammers provide robust strength. They can be used with cranes, mounted on excavators equipped with spud beams, or even on forklifts in rough terrain.

Air hammers can be used in every soil condition and are classified as single or double-acting hammers.

Single-acting pile hammers raise the head above the pile and release to strike the pile into the ground with forces up to 32,500 foot-pounds. Double-acting hammers add additional force at the apex to allow for a shorter stroke without sacrificing power.

The Importance of Pile Driving Hammers

Choosing the correct pile driving hammer can be a challenging proposition, and you should consult with your engineering team to solidify load capacities and thoroughly examine a professional soil analysis to identify different conditions.

Local pile driving equipment dealers, like RPI Construction Equipment, can also help you pinpoint the exact piece of equipment you need for any piling project. There are a number of considerations and limitations that will influence your ultimate choice, and having the right equipment is the best way to ensure success.

Ultimately the engineering specifications, soil conditions, and local, state, or federal regulations or ordinances will influence which hammer is right for your job. Also, labor, transportation, and fuel costs can factor into your decision. Contact us to learn type of pile driving hammers we have for rental or purchase.

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