Pile Driving Rig Case Study

Pile Driving Rig Case Study

Concrete Pile Driven with Pile Driving Rig for Sound Wall Installation Test


In this case study, the customer used a CZM EK125HH pile driving rig to test a new method of installing concrete pilings for construction of a sound wall. Traditionally, these piles are installed using various methods mostly performed with a drilling rig depending on soil conditions. The pile driving rig installation method was tested to find out if the sound wall pile installation could be done more efficiently with respect to time and cost.


The particular sound wall piles were precast concrete with a groove for installation of the sound wall panels. The sound panels can slide in between two driven concrete piles. If successful, this method will save time by driving the pile in one step rather than drilling the hole, installing casing if necessary, and then installing the pile with grout. The pile driving method of sound wall installation will save money on materials because there is no need to use casing or grout.

Successful Outcome

The piles were driven into clay type soil with the existence of groundwater in December and were allowed to settle until March. After the three month settling period, the test piles were side load tested for wind shear as per required specifications in the state code for sound walls. The test piles passed the test and this method of concrete sound wall pile installation with a CZM EK125HH pile driving rig was approved. Check out more on this method in this video:

Pile Driving Rig Project Photos

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