Mounting a Side Grip Hammer: Uses and Applications

Mounting a Side Grip Hammer

When drill rig and pile driving operators begin scoping out a project, one of the best ways to save money and time is to identify the ideal equipment that can handle the capacity of the engineering specifications without damaging piles or creating unnecessary downtime. One of the best examples of this type of equipment is the side grip hammer which can provide robust driving strength with dynamic mounting options and solutions that are tailored to sites with space limitations or local ordinances that require quiet operation or reduced emissions. One of the most attractive aspects of a side grip vibratory hammer is that it can offer maneuverable options in tight spaces and is a cost-effective solution when compared to an all-in-one pile driving rig.

This can be taken one step further when owners and operators opt for vibratory hammer rental instead of maintaining an entire fleet of construction equipment. Another primary benefit of using a side grip vibro hammer is that they can be operated with crews of as few as two people and mounted to an excavator.

Crane Mounted vs. Excavator Mounted

Cranes are the traditional method for pile driving and remain a popular solution for many owners and operators. Of course, cranes do come with some downsides, including operating costs, transportation logistics, assembly, as well as disassembly. That said, they remain a powerful tool for larger projects or where site conditions require adjustable heights to achieve engineering specifications and load-bearing capacities.

Mounting a side grip vibratory hammer to an excavator offers a dynamic, cost-effective solution for projects with smaller scopes or where the site’s unique conditions do not allow cranes to meet clearance restrictions. Another consideration when utilizing an excavator mounted hammer is that this machinery is typically simpler to operate and offers a more efficient solution that is easy to transport and often already part of many owners and operators’ existing equipment fleet.

MKT V-8esc Side Clamp Hammer

While no two projects have identical needs, identifying the necessary equipment will help you ensure availability and avoid costly downtime once you break ground. Excavators can provide powerful platforms for side clamp vibratory hammers and, depending on local regulations, may allow operators to comply with noise and emissions guidelines to avoid fines or stop-work orders in residential or urban areas.

Side Clamp Vibratory Hammers

RPI Equipment stocks a full line of side clamp vibratory hammers and is currently selling a number of used side grip hammers, which can deliver driving forces from 25 to 80 tons. This equipment is ideally suited for operation in spaces with lower clearances and can be fully remote-controlled, offering operators an unprecedented level of control.

Depending on your pile size and the site’s soil conditions, you can find the perfect vibratory hammer to help you get the job done right the first time, without damaging piles or machinery, which can result in costly downtime or expensive repairs. A professional soil boring and analysis should be completed to offer valuable insights into the driving force that will be necessary to get piles driven to depth.

When used in conjunction with the available auxiliary hydraulic circuit, side grip hammers can power with an excavator’s existing hydraulic system. There are also available accessories to facilitate swinging piles fore and aft.

MKT V-5Esc Side Clamp Vibratory Hammer

Benefits of Side Grip Hammers

Speed and flexibility are the primary benefits of side clamp hammers, though there are other reasons many owners and operators are opting to use them over traditional all-in-one rigs. Another advantage is that side clamp hammers can pick up piles from the ground and get them into position for driving with remarkable accuracy and efficiency. This again makes them ideal for pile driving projects with clearance restriction as traditional pile drivers must be mounted on top of the pilings. Also, this allows piles that are longer than the excavator’s reach to be driven and eliminates the need to fit extensions to the broom to meet pile length.

They can also be run at different frequencies depending on the soil conditions and other environmental factors to ensure crew safety and avoid equipment damage or malfunction. Smaller crews are needed to operate excavator mounted hammers, which can help reduce labor costs as well. Variable costs like transportation, fuel, and lubricants are also reduced with excavator-mounted hammers.

With over 50 years of experience in the pile driving and drilling rig equipment sales and rental business, RPI Equipment’s team of knowledgeable salespeople can help you identify the correct side grip vibro hammer for any job. We believe in transparent service that puts our customers first, and our success relies on your success.

Our experienced service technicians are available to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair pile driving and drill rigs in the field to help you reduce downtime and transportation logistics to keep your project on track in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.

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