The CZM EK125 is the Ideal Short or Long Mast Rig for a Variety of Drilling Applications

CZM EK125 Drilling Rigs Available Now

CZM has manufactured high-quality drilling rigs like the EK125 since 1976 and remains a trusted industry leader due to their thoughtful engineering balanced with rugged construction.

CZM drilling rigs are designed to give operators the tools they need to complete a wide range of projects, from transportation infrastructure to deep foundation drilling. The EK125 can drill up to 120 feet with a maximum diameter of 60 inches so that it can handle large-scale projects with ease.

The CZM EK125 offers short and long mast options and is seamlessly deployed with single-truck transportation and self-erecting technology.

CZM remains an innovative leader as one of America’s most trusted manufacturers, and RPI Equipment stocks a full fleet of CZM drill rigs with competitive pricing for EK125 purchases or rental options.

The CZM EK125 offers remote monitoring technology and provides maintenance reports from the field without a physical site visit. This technology also alerts owners and operators of any faults in real-time to help avoid costly downtime and keep crews in the field.

Wide Range of Applications

The short mast CZM EK125 and the long most EK125 are designed to handle a large variety of projects without sacrificing power or performance. The EK125’s self-contained design makes it an efficient piece of equipment compared to other drill rigs on the market and one of the most powerful rigs available.

Having access to a versatile rig like the CZM EK125 gives rig operator’s the ability to handle any unexpected challenges when soil conditions change and present new obstacles.

Unlike other rigs, the EK125 is designed to accommodate a wide variety of soil conditions. From solid rock to loose aggregates, the CZM EK125 is built to handle any soil type it encounters during every phase of the project.

CZM EK125 Short Mast Drilling Rigs Available Now

Infrastructure Projects

America’s infrastructure is in need of new energy transmission and power lines as new renewable sources require these systems to provide homes and businesses with clean electricity.

Also, the existing transportation infrastructure across the nation is nearing the end of its engineered lifespan.

The federal government has allocated $40 billion to update, repair, and replace this aging infrastructure to ensure public safety and keep the supply chain from breaking down.

These public/private projects offer lucrative opportunities for drill rig operators to update existing systems and install new infrastructure across the nation.

Purchase vs. Rental

CZM machinery is proudly made in the USA to the highest standards, and their drill rigs are built to last for years and with proper maintenance coupled with regular lubricant changes can provide an operator with a drilling rig that is at the center of their fleet. As operators begin to explore buying a CZM EK125, the initial upfront costs may seem prohibitive.

Many drill rig operators examine renting a CZM EK125 before purchasing an EK125 to make sure the rig is ideally suited to their needs and upcoming projects.

Renting a CZM EK125 is ideal for operators that are looking to avoid costly fleet management logistics or storage costs when the rig is not deployed in the field.

As operators begin to scale their firm’s workload, they may find themselves with gaps in their fleet that need to be temporarily filled by renting a drill rig like the EK125.

If a firm is relatively new, purchasing an EK125 may simply be too expensive as they navigate other costs like labor, fuel, and transportation, this makes renting a drill rig the best solution.

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Used Drilling Rigs Inventory

Another way for operators to gain access to rigs like the long mast EK125 is to explore vendor’s used inventories to purchase a CZM EK125. Purchasing a used drilling rig from an experienced heavy equipment vendor is an attractive solution that offers considerable savings over buying a new drill rig.

Vendors have a vested interest in keeping their equipment well maintained, which is another reason buying used drill rigs is one of the best ways to grow and scale an operation.

Renting a used CZM EK125 is also one of the best solutions for operators awarded projects with difficult geotechnical conditions requiring equipment outside of their existing fleet. Used equipment is a great way to expand a fleet without significant upfront investments in new drill rigs.

Also, as equipment vendors expand their fleet, they often need to liquidate existing inventory to make room for new machinery.

When this happens, they often provide operators the opportunity to purchase a used EK125 that has been adequately maintained throughout the course of its life.

Reliable CZM EK125 Drilling Rigs Available Now

Buying an EK125 is one of the most significant investments a firm can make, and they may want to explore testing the rig out in a real-world situation by renting a CZM EK125.

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