Advantages of Utilizing Third Party Service Technicians

Service Technicians

Drill rig and pile driver operators understand the importance of regular maintenance by service technicians to keep their equipment in top shape. Not only does this keeps crews safe on the job site, but it also helps them avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown. When equipment becomes inoperable, schedules break down, and costs begin to rise.

When operators choose to use a manufacturer’s service department, they can be exposed to technicians that have their companies prioritized over the contractor or operator’s interests. Transparent third-party service providers have their client’s interests as a top priority and won’t give a diagnosis that leads to unnecessary maintenance, lubricant changes, or repairs.

In many cases, using a third-party service provider allows contractors and drill rig operators to focus on their job instead of worrying about and managing fleet logistics and preventative maintenance.

Prompt Scheduling of Service Technicians

Due to the nature of OEM service calls, they often require scheduling well before an issue arises. At RPI Equipment, we understand the need for prompt service to keep crews in the field and projects on schedule. Remaining agile and maintaining equipment in operation is essential to any project’s success. Unfortunately, when breakdowns happen, they are often unforeseen and lead to significant problems with scheduling and budgets.

Being able to get a technician to your job site ASAP is crucial to keeping your project on schedule, and RPI Equipment is your trusted partner for all service needs and troubleshooting.

OEM Parts and Replacements

RPI Equipment’s service department can order, deliver, and install OEM parts if your SENNEBOGEN equipment is damaged in any way. Partnering with a third-party drill rig or pile driving service team allows operators and owners to access OEM parts in the event of mechanical breakdown or failure. This ensures that equipment remains in full operating capabilities and doesn’t void any existing warranties or agreements.

Due to the precise nature of drilling and drilling equipment’s mechanical systems, it’s essential to repair and replace any part with an OEM piece of equipment.

Transparency in Diagnosis

Manufacturers like SENNEBOGEN go to great lengths to produce the highest quality equipment on the market, and maintaining these rigs is RPI Equipment’s top priority. We believe in complete transparency when we troubleshoot and diagnose a rig that’s experiencing abnormal performance and strive to give honest solutions to keep your project on track. Our service technicians will come to your job site and give you an accurate forecast and diagnosis.

Furthermore, heavy equipment requires an understanding of numerous mechanical systems and providing accurate analyses. Modern drill rigs feature robust digital systems that can allow for remote monitoring of lubricant levels, performance, and other critical details. Now more than ever, drill rig operators have numerous technologically advanced options to help them drill more efficiently and effectively.

Lubricant Analyses

Third-party lubricant analyses give operators a transparent inspection of their oil and grease status and can help avoid unnecessary maintenance. Greasing a drilling rig is one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks that operators face. However, it is a time-consuming and mundane task that often makes more sense to outsource to a third-party service group.

Also, utilizing a third-party service group reduces owner and operator liability, especially if they have chosen to rent a drilling rig. When operators decide to purchase a drill rig, they often don’t consider the long-term costs associated with lubricant changes and having an experienced technician on their team to conduct these jobs. Another important consideration is the record keeping of lubricants and keeping an up-to-date log of greasing and other lubricant changes.

Experienced Service Technicians

For over 50 years, RPI Equipment has been an industry leader for drill rig, pile driving, and other heavy construction equipment rentals and purchasing. From large public/private infrastructure to solar array installation, transmission and power line construction, and more, we have the right tools to help you get the job done. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our entire fleet to identify the proper rig for your next project, no matter the scope.

We help small and medium-sized companies, contractors, and rig operators explore financing options to allow them to scale their operations without a significant commitment of initial capital to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly.

We strive to maintain our entire fleet and perform regular preventative maintenance on all drilling rigs, pile driving rigs, vibratory hammers, and accessories. Our experienced service technicians can troubleshoot, repair, and perform lubricant analyses onsite. With 24-hour advance notice, they can arrive the next day to help you avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown and keep your project on track and crews in the field.

Family-owned and operated RPI Equipment believes in transparency, and prompt communication and that our success relies on our client’s success. Contact us today to explore our entire fleet, get a free quote tailored to your project’s unique needs, and discover the RPI difference!

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