Pre-Owned Equipment Specials Can Lead to Extensive Savings

Pre-Owned Equipment Specials Can Lead to Extensive Savings

Depending on your projects piling depth, soil conditions, and scope, finding a piece of pre-owned equipment for sale can make more sense than renting a side clamp vibratory hammer. Side clamp hammers offer a versatile solution for operators and contractors at every scale, and they are manufactured to deliver powerful results depending on your specific engineering and load-bearing requirements. Vibro hammers are also more efficient than traditional pile driving rigs as they can be mounted onto an excavator and use the existing hydraulic system for power.

Manufacturers like MKT have been building dependable side clamp hammers and are well respected in the industry for their use of American steel and components made by Sun, Rexroth, and Parker. Their V Series has been a trusted part of the RPI Fleet for years, and as we continue to build our inventory, the time has come to liquidate some inventory. This gives operators and contractors a chance to purchase a well-maintained MKT V-2Esc, MKT V-5Esc, or MKT V-8Esc for a fraction of the new price.

Purchasing Pre-Owned Equipment Offers an Alternative to Rental

When operators and contractors begin exploring purchasing a pre-owned side clamp hammer, they should compare the costs of renting vs. purchasing. While buying a new pile driver can be an expensive proposition, exploring purchasing used equipment becomes an attractive option. With proper maintenance and care, used pile drivers from respected manufacturers like MKT can help contractors grow their own fleets and save overall costs as they are awarded lucrative public-private partnerships.

The federal government has allocated $40 billion to repair and replace aging infrastructure across the United States, and side clamp vibro hammers are ideally suited to these projects as, in many cases, they have numerous site restrictions like low clearances and existing structures. Os operators and contractors gain access to these funds, they can grow and scale their operations and fleet. One of the best ways to build an entire fleet of heavy equipment is to purchase used equipment from trusted vendors with in0house service teams that keep all equipment adequately maintained and lubricated to ensure all mechanical systems are fully operational through the rig’s life.

Work With Local Vendors to Explore Pre-Owned Inventories

Local equipment vendors have stocked inventories that need liquidation from time to time. When they offer used side clamp vibro hammers up for sale, it gives operators and contractors the opportunity to build their own fleet at a significantly lower price than purchasing new vibratory hammers. Local vendors are also able to offer higher levels of customer service when compared to OEMs.

Pre-owned pile driving equipment that is well maintained still has a long lifespan and be obtained at considerably lower costs than a new pile rig. Equipment vendors with in-house service teams offer well-maintained pre-owned pile drivers at a significant savings when compared to purchasing a new rig.

Local vendors also have an incentive to build relationships with their clients and grow their operations through word-of-mouth referrals and quality service.

Try Before You Buy

If you are unsure if you are ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a side clamp vibro hammer, you should explore rental options that will let you test drive a new piece of equipment without fully committing. Renting a side clamp vibro hammer may make less sense than purchasing a vibro hammer if you have a project with a lengthy timeline or larger scale. Buying a pile driver is an effective solution for operators that operate in specific niches like solar pile driving, infrastructure projects, or installing transmission or power lines.

Though for construction firms that bid on a variety of projects having the flexibility to rent a pile driving rig can be an attractive solution.

Family-owned and operated for more than fifty years, RPI Equipment is an industry leader and believes in competitive pricing, transparent communication, and offering the highest level of customer service. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you explore our entire fleet of well-maintained pile driving rigs, m drilling rigs, vibratory hammers, and more. We can also help you examine financing options to help grow and scale your operation without significant upfront capital investment.

Our experienced service technicians can perform preventative maintenance, conduct troubleshooting, and perform inspections of all technical systems to ensure your equipment is in top shape and help you avoid costly downtime due to malfunction or breakdown. We also offer third-party soil analyses to help save costs associated with excessive oil or lubricant changes. Our technicians can be deployed to your site for next-day service calls with 24-hour advance notice.

As technology advances and rig operators and contractors need access to the latest equipment to get their job to the finish line, we update and maintain our entire fleet to help you get the job done right. Call 856-456-0081 or contact us online today to discover the RPI Equipment difference!

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