How to use an Excavator Mounted Pile Driver

How to use an Excavator Mounted Pile Driver

One of the best ways to improve your bottom line and ensure efficiency on any pile driving project is utilizing an excavator mounted pile driver. They are single-handedly one of the most versatile and effective solutions for projects of any scope. Also, they are readily available for rental, which can help rig operators avoid the costs associated with maintenance, repair, and fleet management logistics.

Unlike more traditional rigs using an excavator-mounted vibro hammer also allows operators to lower their transportation costs which include variable costs like fuel. Furthermore, a side grip vibro hammer gives operators the flexibility they need for projects with low clearances or narrow corridors. This is commonly found in solar array construction as well as other pile driving applications from commercial real estate to civil infrastructure.

An excavator with a vibro hammer is one of the most versatile solutions that operators have access to these days and have become increasingly popular with rig operators looking for dynamic solutions that can be operated by smaller crews. These savings make utilizing a pile driver attachment for excavators one of the most attractive options for operators.

Flexibility and Versatility to Get the Job Done

An excavator pile driver offers more flexibility and can help operators reduce labor costs and crew size without sacrificing power. This makes a vibratory pile driver for an excavator a popular solution for owners and operators across the construction industry that allows for the rapid installation of sheet piles and load-bearing piles.

A sheet piling attachment for an excavator is commonly utilized for marine construction, including cofferdams. Some specific machines, including the MOVAX SideGrip® vibratory hammers, are also well suited to sites with environments that are sensitive and may have local, state, or federal regulations in place regarding construction practices or emission control.

An excavator vibro hammer also offers a great deal of efficiency when switching between impact functions. A prime example of this is the MOVAX DH impact hammer and the MOVAX Sonic SideGrip®, which can be easily interchanged as quickly as ten minutes. This versatility allows operators to utilize a single piece of equipment for multiple applications and projects.

Traditional pile driving rigs typically require using large crane-mounted equipment that requires more site work and transportation logistics. Owners and operators can increase efficiency and reduce costly downtime by using equipment with a smaller footprint, like an excavator equipped with a side grip vibro hammer.

Accuracy of Excavator Mounted Pile Driver

Because solar arrays often contain hundreds or thousands of solar panels, installing piles for them requires equipment that can operate in low clearances and narrow corridors. The equipment also needs to be efficient enough to install up to two hundred piles in a single day. Assisted by GPS technology, side grip vibro hammers offer significantly more accuracy than traditional rigs, making them well suited for solar piling projects requiring an accuracy tolerance of .5° or less.

Side grip vibro hammers mounted on an excavator are able to load, unload, and extract piles while also offering 360° of rotation and are designed for extended, continuous use associated with larger scale projects that have crews working in shifts. This increase in productivity reduces overall construction costs and helps keep the project on schedule.

Because they are equipped with advanced technological features, MOVAX SideGrip® excavator-mounted vibratory hammers offer a precise solution for projects requiring higher accuracy levels.

Easy Operation

Side grip vibro hammers are among the most straightforward solutions for pile driving projects from small residential construction to large infrastructure construction like bridges and roads. The MOVAX Control System® (MCS®) is equipped and offers another level of ease for operators who need to increase the number of piles installed daily. This technology also boosts safety, reducing the risk of downtime due to injury on the job site.

This equipment is also designed with maintenance in mind and can be repaired in the field by an experienced service technician. This helps reduce downtime in the event of malfunction or breakdown and is one of the most attractive aspects of renting pile driving equipment. Preventative maintenance should be performed regularly to ensure all equipment functions properly and ensures safety while avoiding breakdowns.

Many owners and operators explore how a sheet pile driver for an excavator can be a dedicated addition to their everyday operations. Whether they are looking for an excavator pile driver for sale or rent, there are numerous options on the market today, and selecting the right equipment can be challenging to navigate.

Excavator Mounted Pile Driver Provider

RPI Equipment is your trusted partner for identifying the best equipment for your project and helping meet your budget demands. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to help you get the best excavator-mounted side grip vibro hammer for any project. Our experienced service technicians can perform repairs and maintenance in the field with next-day service available with a 24-hour notice. Contact us today to find out why we’re leading the way in pile driving and drilling equipment rentals and sales today.

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