10 Key Features to Look for in Pile Driving Equipment

RPI’s MKT V-5E Vibratory Hammer with a Timber Clamp is on the water ready to extract old timber piles and drive new ones.

This is not a drill!

Construction companies must ensure that they rent or purchase the right equipment for their job sites to effectively and efficiently complete projects by promised deadlines, while staying within their dedicated budget.

Finding the Right Pile Driving Equipment for Your Job Sites

One piece of construction equipment that is critical to research before making a buying decision is a pile driving equipment. There are various features to consider before purchasing this piece of construction equipment.

Because of this, we have outlined 10 key features to look for in pile driving rigs and other piling equipment below for your reference:

  1. Find a Reputable and Trustworthy Construction Equipment Company If you want your construction business to continue to grow with new clients and increased revenue, purchasing and maintaining quality equipment is a must. When you have a reputable and trustworthy construction equipment company to turn to for your machinery requirements, you’re able to meet client deadlines and remain within budget. In turn, you exceed customer expectations and retain their business for future projects. Reliable construction equipment, such as pile driving rigs, is one of the most essential aspects when working on job sites for your clients. Finding high-quality and cost-effective construction equipment is a significant decision that these companies must take seriously to build their brand and grow their client base.
  2. Ensure the Pile Driving Equipment is Durable and Reliable Since pile driving is one of the most profitable and productive methods of establishing a solid foundation, it’s critical that your company and contractors rent or purchase pile driving equipment that is both durable and reliable. Durable and reliable pile driving equipment will also help your team meet deadlines and keep your clients satisfied with your work. Having unreliable pile driving equipment can lead to delays in your project’s timeline, cause safety issues for your employees, and lead to additional problems that will only cause frustration for both you and your client.
  3. Consider the Pile Length Available Based on Your Project Sizes While the soil conditions of a specific project will determine the pile length needed for a pile driver, many jobs require maximum lengths between 12 ft. and 63 ft.
  4. Look for Pile Drivers with Attachment Flexibility Most pile drivers use an impact hammer as an attachment to efficiently drive pile into the ground. At RPI Construction Equipment, our CZM pile driving rigs are made in the U.S. and come with a free fall hydraulic impact hammer with external lift cylinders – leading to increased efficiency and productivity for all types of piles.MKT V-5E with Timber Clamp
  5. Take into Consideration the Types of Pile that the Equipment Can Handle Examining the soil or other pile conditions of a particular job site is essential when deciding on which pile driver is ideal for the project at hand. For example, soil can be sandy, rocky, or clay-based and require different pile driving machines and attachments to accomplish your end goal. You may also have to work with other types of pile, such as:
    • Steel H-Pipes
    • Pipe Piles
    • Concrete Piles
    • Timber Piles
    • Sheet Piles

    Having a pile driver that can handle all types of pile will make your life much easier and allow you to complete the specific job efficiently and up to the proper standards that are expected of you and your team.

  6. Determine the Environmental Factors of Your Typical Jobs Environmental factors can play a role in the type of pile driver you require. For example, if you are working in an urban area that resides near offices or houses, the noise and footprint size must be considered. In many states, environmental guidelines have changed to require a Tier IV machine, which causes disruption of the use of older rigs. This is why modern and more advanced pile driving equipment is becoming more and more popular among construction companies, so that they can continue to work on these job sites without delays or other complications.
  7. Examine the Features of the Pile Driving Equipment Before renting or purchasing a pile driver, make sure you research the various features that are a part of the pile driver. Some factors to consider include:
    • Cost and reliability
    • The striking energy and ram weight
    • The maximum pile length
    • The operating weight and transport characteristics
    • Availability of parts and service

    Depending on the job itself, you will want to consider these features, among others, to ensure you rent or purchase the right equipment needed for the particular project you’re working on.

  8. Take a Look at the Speed and Efficiency that the Equipment Provides In order to stay within budget and meet your set deadline, it’s important to have pile driving equipment that is efficient and speedy but still provides reliable service for your specific project. Our CZM pile driving rigs consist of a high efficiency ratio between piston weight and the total hammer weight, leading to a higher frequency to drive piles faster. When you produce quality work in a timely manner, your clients will be impressed and likely to refer you to new business.
  9. Take into Account the Time it Will Take to Receive and Set Up the Equipment With certain pile drivers, it can often be a time-consuming situation to have the equipment safely delivered and properly set up. This can lead to delays in your timeline, frustration with your clients, and valuable time wasted with your employees. At RPI Construction Equipment, we offer pile driving equipment solutions with single-load transport and rapid set-up structure. This is made possible by stocking compact self-contained machine design options from CZM Foundation Equipment. Meet your deadlines, keep your clients happy, and use your employees’ time as best as possible with our reliable pile drivers.
  10. Make Sure the Company You Purchase Your Pile Driver from Offers Support for Repairs or Other Potential Issues Having a construction equipment business that you can rely upon for emergencies or repair services is a significant factor when running a successful construction business. If you run into a problem with your equipment on a job site, you want to be able to call the company you purchased it from to help get you back on schedule in order to meet your client’s deadline for the respective project. Fortunately, there are companies like ours that put our customers first and perform service requests the same day or the next day to ensure your project isn’t delayed. Even if our office is closed for the day, the weekend, or holidays, we make it a priority to respond to our customers’ email and answer our mobile phones for any emergencies or issues that may occur. Some repair services to consider when choosing the right company to rent or purchase pile driving equipment from include:
    • Repairs for drilling rigs
    • Repairs for vibratory hammers
    • Troubleshooting for both hydraulic systems and electrical systems
    • Welding services
    • Repairs for pile driving rigs
    • Routine service and maintenance for all equipment

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Cost-Effective & Productive Equipment

The construction industry is ever-evolving when it comes to new competition, advanced technology and tools, and health and safety standards – among many other changes in recent years.

This is why it is so important for these businesses to be proactive and research new trends and changes within the industry to ensure they retain current clients and generate new business on a consistent basis. Customers need timely and dependable solutions that fit within their budgets when looking to hire a construction company to handle specific projects and new jobs.

Finding a company that specializes in providing cost-effective construction equipment that gets the job done right and by the deadline agreed upon is vital.

Go With a Trusted Construction Equipment Company for Your Pile Driver Needs

There is nothing worse than receiving an unreliable piece of expensive construction equipment.

With our team of dedicated professionals, we go above and beyond to make sure you have the ideal pile driving machinery and attachments that are required for your specific job site. Whether it is pile driving rig, drilling rig, or vibratory hammer, we ensure your equipment is dependable, efficient, and fits within your budget needs.

RPI Construction’s MKT V-5ESC has two pile clamps including a side clamp and a bottom clamp making it a versatile vibratory hammer to use with an excavator.

Be sure to do your research, consider the above features we outlined for you, and choose the best pile driving equipment for your needs to keep your business growing and thriving.

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